Everything Burns - Take Your Aim

Everything Burns - Take Your Aim

The hotly anticipated second album ‘Take Your Aim’ from South West metal moguls ‘Everything Burns’ was ironically almost put on hold indefinitely following a near miss between lead singer Tim Kellow and an Audi A3 after a recent gig at the Zepplin Shelter in London.

After working up a hunger at the energetic gig, Kellow crossed the central London road to pick up a KFC. "I didn’t see it was a three-way junction until it was too late," says Kellow, "when out of the blue an Audi came racing towards me."

Leaping in a Ninja-like fashion, Kellow had no time to move out of the way so jumped up in an attempt to leap over it but the car clipped his ankles before finally stopping.

Kellow spun in the air before landing dramatically on the car bonnet. Miraculously, apart from his Vans shoe going hurtling up the road, Kellow stood up and walked off, leaving onlookers in disbelief.

Two of his fellow band mates who witnessed the accident said "It was horrific! We thought we’d just seen him die".

Thankfully Tim’s quick moves left him with just a bruised leg and able to tell the tale. "The irony is" said Kellow, "the KFC closed its doors before I got to the other side of the road! Gutted!"

This was almost one more in a long line of set backs the band have experienced while trying to finish their second album. First the drummer suffered a neck injury, then there were band politics that ended in the shock exit of the bass player, followed by further delays with the studio while it had a complete refit, and then several changes of mix engineers.

Provided there are no more setbacks and all band members stay alive over the next few months, ‘Take Your Aim’ will be released May 2013!

Featuring hit track "Ghosts & Angels" the new record blends a hooking array of melodies whilst keeping a dark element of heavy change overs that keeps listeners hooked and produces nothing short of a high energy, passionate live show with high fan interaction.

This mini album fuses a host of multiple genres that attracts a wide spread audience and has been leaving a huge impact on live venues across the Nation.

The new record will hit shelves May 2013 and after the monumetal list of hurdles to jump, fans wait eagerly to get their hands on this highly anticipated release.

With many influencial values brought to the table, the combined unit have mixed together a diverse arrangement of influences which have generated nothing short of sing along, ground stompin', spine tingling anthems.

Everything Burns quite simply deliver a musical expression, that lies dead between the mainstream stardom of metal and the underground depths of metalcore to slam down on the table a unique edge that will have you cranking the speakers up straight away!