Say Anything

Say Anything

Equal Vision Records is excited to announce that Say Anything will release their fourth studio album, Anarchy, My Dear, produced by Tim O'Heir (Say Anything, Sebadoh, Superdrag), on March 12th, 2012.

Say Anything has been making odd, unclassifiable indie rock music since they were 14 or 15 years old, playing strangely literate and loud rock, characterized by what one might imagine if Larry David fronted a Fugazi cover band with the members of Queen. Not that that's a stretch or anything. The tracklisting is below.
Anarchy, My Dear is, in its purest sense, a form of propaganda--an intense expression of frontman Max Bemis' love for the idea of anarchy--and even the album's artwork reflects his passion: "We thought we could best represent what the album means by using the symbolism of a burning flag stitched onto an actual flag.

"The image represents a championing of the 'cause' of struggling against the rules and regulations that dictate our thinking." Continues Bemis, "Anarchy, My Dear is our first attempt to write a true 'punk' record; thematically speaking, it's a collection of songs about subverting society and destroying the boundaries humankind has placed upon ourselves both physically and in our minds.

"Coincidentally, it also happens to be the first record we've made in years where we had total freedom to explore our 'edgier' side and present a raw picture of what the band is truly about onstage."
Filled with thought-provoking, idiosyncratic lyrics, Anarchy marks a breakthrough in Say Anything's genre-defying evolution.

Hailed by Alternative Press as one of the most anticipated albums of 2012, the music has a newfound vintage, glam-rock feel, complete with an urgent punch of anthemic choruses and ferocious energy. SPIN Magazine declared that the first single, "Burn A Miracle," is "one of the more schizophrenic and toothsome pop-punk outbursts frontman Max Bemis (or maybe anyone for that matter) has shared to date. It's a beast.

Have a listen."  "Admit It Again," a take-no-prisoners critique on contemporary "indie" culture is a follow-up to fan-favorite track "Admit It," off their 2004 album, ...Is A Real Boy. "So Good," "Night's Song," and "Overbiter" feature guest vocals from Sherri DuPree (Eisley), her haunting, ethereal voice providing a contrast to Bemis' snarling onslaught, while the hammered dulcimer backed ballad "Peace Out" touches on the album's theme of self-empowerment and rebellion amidst a contradiction-filled society.

Anarchy, My Dear Tracklist:

01. Burn A Miracle
02. Say Anything
03. Night's Song
04. Admit It Again
05. So Good
06. Sheep
07. Peace Out
08. Overbiter
09. Of Steel
10. Anarchy, My Dear
11. The Stephen Hawking