Shouting Signals - Stand Your Ground EP

Shouting Signals - Stand Your Ground EP

Shouting Signals bring to you an explosive fusion of post-hardcore served with hooks that will ring in your ears for eons. Already compared to heavyweights ‘You Me at Six’, ‘Architects’ and ‘30 Seconds To Mars’, Shouting Signals are primed for great heights and are here for the long haul!

Born during the early part of 2011 and with a 'work first, play later' ethos, Shouting Signals pour their heart and soul into their music, and the result is a potent sound that encompasses a fiery assault of cut-throat riffs neatly forged with delectable vocal phrases that are unabashedly easy on the ear.

Through widespread gigging throughout the South East and London, the rising five-some have amassed a solid following and are set to strike out to the nation in 2013 with a full blown touring schedule in support of their debut EP ‘Stand Your Ground’.

The band took their precious time creating their debut record, ensuring that every facet of their sound was finely tuned. After two years of endless evenings and dedicated hours served in their rehearsal space, the industrious quintet finished their EP and the result was ‘Stand Your Ground’.

The EP comes to life with ‘Never Run Away’ which is loaded with ball-busting edgy layered riffery and an absolute beast of a refrain.

The pace continues with the pounding beats and ultra-hooky ‘Breathe in, Breathe Out’, before the raucous beatings of ‘One Forty’ grabs hold of your senses.

Moving on the spiky ‘All My Answers’ continues to make the grade and the record finishes with ‘The Penitence’, which swings and sways with impressive ease and delivers everything that is trademark to Shouting Signals--razor sharp guitar work and insanely catchy vocal lines.