Skip The Foreplay

Skip The Foreplay

The ground-breaking new band out of Montreal called Skip The Foreplay have perfected a unique and exhilarating new genre of music.

The sound is a high energy raucous sound merging the heaviness of metal, earth-shaking hardcore breakdowns and the massive irresistible beats of electronic dance music that include elements of dub-step, hip-hop and house. As the group recently explained, 'We play party music. It’s a mix of hard metal and dance music, not really hardcore, it’s more like party core.'

The band burst on to the scene, devastating audiences with their original and thoroughly brutal cover of the song Champagne Showers by the popular electro pop duo LMFAO.

The Skip The Foreplay version retains all the seductive dance floor hooks - the band are fans of the original version, but adds a dose of serious heaviness including massive bass drops, breakdowns, and thunderous guitars.

Skip The Foreplay will be releasing their anticipated full length Epitaph debut, Nightlife, on 30th April, 2012. Until then, the band is taking their wild live show on the road in the US.

They just completed their first ever tour in the States, a massively successful stint supporting rising stars, Falling In Reverse. 

This summer the band will be appearing on the Vans Warped Tour.'Every time we play, the kids have gone absolutely crazy,' the band members say. 'We haven’t had a bad reaction. People seemed to really love it and we’re incredibly stoked to keep touring.'