Everybody has an opinion on something that most people would disagree with. Most of us probably keep it to ourselves for fear of being challenged over it.

What has Twitter been squawking about this time?

What has Twitter been squawking about this time?

But some people have taken to Twitter to share their views on topics that are quite disagreeable (or are they?).

It turns out that there are quite a few people who actually agree with the unpopular opinions shared on social media.

Like the idea that Queen Bey isn’t all that…

And the existential debate over what is better, sparkling or still water?

Everybody love Domino’s pizza, right? WRONG.

And on the topic of food… which sauce do you dip your crusts in?

Fresh fruit or canned fruit?

Apparently not everyone thinks Friends is the greatest TV show ever made…

Some people think certain music genres are unjustified:

But some people take to Twitter to share their unpopular opinions on things they love, like musical guilty pleasures...

And one that really splits opinions... there’s people who think that Winter beats Summer.

Do you agree with any of these unpopular opinions? Let us know your own in the comments section below!

by Katie Haseldine