New research from Gumtree has shown that Brits are sitting on an eyewatering £1.5 billion worth of unused exercise equiment, that sits at home collecting dust. Individually, that's £200 each - and it's not just the equipment that's going to waste. One in 10 of us (9%) have unused gym and class subscriptions, which are worth over £320 a year. So, why aren't we giving our health a kick?

Brits have unused equipment sitting in their homes / Picture Credit: Pixabay

Brits have unused equipment sitting in their homes / Picture Credit: Pixabay

It appears as though the start of the pandemic and indeed, the first British lockdown, was a time in which Britons splashed some of their cash on at-home gym gear (39%). With good intentions however, we've already let that slip.

Of those who purchased equipment, 31% admit it's only used some of the time, with 13% not touching any of it in over 12 months.

Where there's something left unused however, there's always the opportunity for a bargain for Brits who ARE looking for a health kick.

Over half (50%) are selling their unused items second-hand, and listings on Gumtree show that items such as dumbbels could be picked up for an average of £36 cheaper when purchased in this way. Similarly, trainers and skipping ropes can be picked up for £55.25 and £26.83 less respectively.

This year could mark a change for 64% of people, who say that they've only ever bought gym gear brand new, as now 12% plan on buying some equipment second-hand for the first time, so that the strain on their wallets in the midst of the financial crisis can be eased.

Hannah Rouch, Chief Marketing Officer at Gumtree comments “Fitness and sustainability aren’t always terms that we think of together, however the data we’re seeing is a really positive indicator that a movement is growing. With over 100,000 adverts currently live (internal Gumtree data from March 2022) in Gumtree’s sports and leisure category it’s clear that people are thinking more mindfully and carefully about how they both purchase and off-load their unused items – which can help them, their local communities and the environment.”

Over three-quarters of Britons (77%) say they're keen to now find more sustainable ways to stay healthy, so they can help the planet whilst helping themselves. Gen-Z are most committed (91%), especially when compared to generation boomer (76%).

Figures from Gumtree show that it doesn't take moving a mountain to make a change, as switching to second-hand, based off of an example of someone buying an exercise bike, kettle bells, weights and a yoga mat as new, can save someone the same amount of carbon as 890 hot showers.

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