According to, Brits are 5.5 billion better off since the food prices have fallen, which breaks down to each household spending £110 less on food each year. That said, Brits are spending 1 billion more on take aways every year to counteract this saving.

Are you spending more on take out?

Are you spending more on take out?

The average Brits spends £3,723 on food every year- which breaks down to £2,476 on groceries, £644 on eating out in restaurants and £602 on take aways. Brits have seen a decrease in their yearly spend on groceries, a £69 drop in eating out but adults are shelling out £20 more on take aways than last year.

So what is being saved in one area of life is being spent in another- the most popular being Chinese/Indian/Fish & Chips/Pizza/Fried Chicken/Kebab/Thai/Burger/Italian and Sushi.

The average Brits gets a take out 5 times per month and spends over £50 in the process.

When eating it, it's no shock statistic that we favour British food over any other, however, Italian/Indian/Chinese and Fish & chips fall closely behind.

When we take a look at the big spenders- it's Birmingham that spends the most on food combined, whereas people from Worcester are more modest in their food purchase. Liverpudlians are guilty of eating out more than any other city in the UK.

Younger Brits are far more partial to a take away, which includes the student population- and men tend to beat women when it comes to frittering away their money to satisfy their cravings. Men get through a whopping 154 take aways a year compared to women who only eat 113.

Anita Naik, lifestyle editor of, comments: "We've been hearing about falling food prices consistently over the past year so it's great to see British consumers reaping the benefits of the reduction in costs. It's interesting to see that, whilst spend on groceries and eating out has fallen, takeaway expenditure is on the up as Britons opt to spend some of their extra cash on their favourite fast food.

"Whether eating out or ordering a takeaway, British foodies should still make use of the money-saving tools at their disposal to ensure they're getting the most bang for their buck by downloading free money saving apps and checking voucher websites."

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