In a YouGov survey commissioned by Sykes Cottages, in which 2,026 British adults took part, only 1% of those who liked tea rated their colleagues as making the best cup of tea. So if you make tea rounds at work to boost your popularity or get ahead, you may as well hang up your teaspoon now!

Over half (59%) of all the participants who liked tea, said that they make the best cups of tea, with their partner coming in second (14%) and their mum third (9%) from a list.

Tom Lowes, Search Marketing Manager at Sykes Cottages said "Us Brits are well known for our love of tea and it seems that our passion for a good brew means that we have become extremely fussy."

"Everyone in Britain has a strong opinion on how tea should be made so it's both befitting and bemusing that the majority of us believe the way we make it personally to be the best."

Even marriage doesn't much improve your chances, as only 25% of married people who liked tea said their partner made the best cup, whilst 60% still claimed their own tea making skills were the best. Clearly for the British, even committing yourself to someone for life doesn't mean that you'll admit they make a better cuppa than you do!

Interestingly, the percentages of people who think they make the best tea also rises with age (41% of 18-24s who liked tea claimed to make the best tea, in comparison to 68% of those aged 55+), suggesting that we perfect our technique over time and become more confident in our method the older we get.

Findings from the survey showed that 84% of Brits said they liked tea, and a further 84% of those who liked tea said they drink at least one cup per day. The most popular way to take English Breakfast tea was white with milk and no sugar (48%).

Only 1% of tea-loving Brits say colleagues make the best tea

Only 1% of tea-loving Brits say colleagues make the best tea

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