Keep yourself busy with these Wordle spinoffs! / Picture Credit: Pixabay
Keep yourself busy with these Wordle spinoffs! / Picture Credit: Pixabay

If you’ve not yet heard about the Wordle craze, first of all, where exactly have you been?! The online game - recently acquired by the New York Times from creator Josh Wardle - challenges players to guess a five-letter word in six tries or fewer.

Each guess gives feedback in the form of coloured blocks. If a letter block remains grey, it means that the letter is not a part of the daily word. If it goes yellow, then it is a part of the word, but isn’t in the right place. If it goes green, then it is a part of the word and, has been put in the right place.

Those who watch ITV gameshow Lingo, hosted by Adil Ray, will be familiar with the format.

With just one puzzle to complete each day however, Wordle fans may be looking for something else to do whilst they wait for the daily reset. Here are some brilliant and fun spinoffs that you might enjoy…

Lordle of the Rings

Those who have read J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, or indeed watched the incredible film series from director Peter Jackson, will find joy in this Wordle spinoff. Here, the five-letter word will be a random one lifted from Tolkein’s original Lord of the Rings text, so it could be anything from Frodo and Bilbo, to Lakes or Horse!


If one Wordle isn’t enough, why not try to solve four at once with just nine tries? It’s a lot harder than it sounds, and definitely one of the most challenging Wordle spinoffs the web has to offer. Make sure to guess those vowels early, they could be a lifesaver when you’re nearing the end of your guesses!


If you’ve got a dirty mind, then this is the game for you. Think of some of the filthiest words you’ve ever looked up on Urban Dictionary and input them here. The only problem? If you can’t think of enough lewd words, then you might get stuck, as you can’t just put in any old five-letter guess!

There are some great Wordle spinoffs across the web / Picture Credit: Pixabay
There are some great Wordle spinoffs across the web / Picture Credit: Pixabay


Nope, you didn’t read that wrong! Worldle is the latest craze for geography nerds, giving you the outline of a country or territory and allowing you a number of tries to figure out exactly where it is. After each guess, you’ll be told exactly how close you are, as well as being given the direction and distance of your predicted country from the correct answer. Honestly, this sounds like hell for someone who failed every geography test they ever took, but I’m sure it’s a game some people out there will enjoy!


This math-based game may look overwhelming at first, but once you’ve punched in a few numbers, you’ll be feeling like a genius in no time. The object here is to solve a math solution, but you aren’t given a single clue as to what that may be until you start inputting numbers and mathematical symbols to find your way to the result. There’s also a Mini Nerdle with a smaller solution to work out, if you need to give your brain a rest after all of these Wordle-esque workouts.

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