The popular craft and artisan goods e-commerce site Etsy is going to have a new competitor on the block and it's called Handmade.



The site was launched on Thursday, and in the release announcement statement said that Amazon "customers can discover artisans from around the world, and shop local from artisans based in their community with the familiar Amazon experience they know and trust."

The site will offer the same type of goods you'd expect to find on Etsy stores, like jewelery, home decor, artwork and stationery, and Amazon state that products are "factory-free."

There does seem to be a rigorous application process in order to get your items on the store, as sellers must first apply to Amazon where they will assess whether your products are truly handmade or not.

The Seattle Times reports that Handmade is launching with 5,000 sellers and more than 80,000 products. 600 of those items are Prime eligible, while more are being added every day, states Amazon.