Boris Johnson could be the country's next Prime Minister / Photo Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/PA Images
Boris Johnson could be the country's next Prime Minister / Photo Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/PA Images

Following Theresa May's resignation speech outside Number 10 Downing Street earlier this week (May 24, 2019), the media have been quick to discuss just who might next be stepping into one of the most powerful roles in the world. Boris Johnson is a hotly-tipped favourite, despite bowing out of the last leadership contest which saw Mrs May catapulted to victory. Whilst he's often funny to look at however, here are some of the reasons he shouldn't be handed the keys to Number 10...

6. Rough sleeping in London doubled during his time as Mayor

Homelessness is one of the biggest problems facing our society today. Despite all of the political talk being about Brexit right now, there are issues destroying humanity within the UK, and rough sleeping is one of them. During Johnson's tenure as the Mayor of London, he promised to eradicate rough sleeping within the city altogether. A bold claim, and one that is likely unreachable in our lifetime thanks to the damage austerity has caused. Not only did he fail to get rid of rough sleeping, however, but it actually doubled during Johnson's time in the position.

5. He lies... a lot

Whether it be about sending £350 million to the National Health Service instead of the European Union, claiming that the EU sets rules on the shape of bananas, or something else entirely, Johnson is a man who lies. He doesn't just bend the truth; he snaps it entirely. Click here for a breakdown of his most shocking deceits.

4. Other races are fair game for him

If you're someone who enjoys our multi-cultural society, then Johnson is not the man for you. He has likened Muslim women who wear the niqab to "bank robbers" and "letter boxes", as well as using the racial slur "picanninnies" to describe Africans, as well as claiming they have "watermelon smiles". He even went so far as to describe former US President Barack Obama as having an "ancestral dislike of the British empire" because he was "part-Kenyan". Disgusting, on every level.

3. He's not sold on climate change

Johnson used a column in The Telegraph to cast doubt on climate change being a real thing. Despite the heavy majority of scientists knowing that climate change is the biggest threat to the planet, people like Johnson still believe they know best. 

2. He made disgusting comments about the deceased in Libya

During his time serving as Foreign Secretary under Theresa May, Johnson said that Libyan city Sirte could be turned into the next Dubai simply by 'clearing the dead bodies away'. This showed his cruel, unnatural behaviour and response to tragedy. Somebody like that has no place in Number 10.

1. He misrepresented what happened at Hillsborough

During his time as editor of The Spectator, (a position he bagged after telling the owner he wasn't going to go into politics), Johnson published an article within the magazine that blamed drunken Liverpool football fans for the Hillsborough disaster. It even went so far as to suggest the people of the city were using their status as victims for far longer than they should have been allowed. He has since apologised to the people of Liverpool, but this article shows exactly what sort of politician he is.

Caroline Lucas said it best when she described Johnson as a "human wrecking ball". He must not become leader of this once great country.

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