The benefits outweigh the temptation

The benefits outweigh the temptation

Weight loss expert Steve Miller believes that supermarkets need to re think their ‘impulse buy’ section at checkouts in a bid to help the ongoing obesity crisis. Ditch the junk food and offer healthier options to help customers make the right choices when it comes to snacking. Fruit packs and snacks should be on offer instead.

According to The Laughing Cow- more women give up diets in January due to bad weather and boredom- so we need change now more than ever. 

Here are ten snacks that supermarkets should be displaying as the last things customers see before leaving the store- and if they don't- things you need to be looking for to stay healthy before you load your shopping onto the conveyor belt.

Mixed fresh fruit salad

- 105 calories for one serving- All fruits contain antioxidants but work better when accompanied by other antioxidants, so by eating you 5-10 pieces of fruit per day- you are protecting your body from the ageing process and disease.

Carrot sticks

- 40 calories per 100 grams- It’s not an old wives take- carrots contain vitamin A which helps to restore the eyes photoreceptors.


- 90 calories for one small banana- Bananas are great for treating diarrhea- the electrolytes like potassium get depleted during bad bouts of diarrhea so bananas help to replenish the stocks of this in the body.


- 67 calories per 100 grams- Raisins have a, lot of iron in them which helps treat anemia and the high cooper content helps the formation of red blood cells.

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

- 107 calories per 20 grams- Pumpkin seeds contain magnesium which helps to pump blood around the heart, bone and tooth formation, relaxing of blood vessels and bowel function. Sunflower seeds have lots of B complex vitamins which are essential for a healthy nervous system.

Celery sticks with lower fat cream cheese

- 10 calories per 100 grams for celery

- 70 calories per 28 grams of low fat cream cheese- Celery has many anti-oxidants that help protect us against unwanted oxygen damage to our cells, blood vessels and organ systems.

Popcorn without salt and sugar

- 105 calories per 30 grams- Popcorn, without all the unhealthy added extras has polyphenols inside the hull, which prevent degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases and diabetes.

Mixed salad to go

-  21 calories per 100 grams- Salad is low in calories and sodium and promotes long term health due to its natural antioxidants which prevents chronic heart disease like cancer and heart disease.


- 67 calories per 100 grams- Grapes have high water content- so they are great for keeping you regular and hydrated. Grapes also contain the anti-inflammatory quercetin so they can alleviate symptoms of a runny nose, watery eyes and hives.


- 83 calories per 100 grams. A powerful anti-oxidant, this fruit has anti-cancer properties, it supports your immune system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and protects against depression and osteoporosis.


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