Laxatives are being used for the wrong purpose

Laxatives are being used for the wrong purpose

A frightening new dieting trend for quick fix weight loss is the abuse of laxatives. 47% of women have used this method in a bid to lose weight and still eat what they want.

Most of these women do know that excessive use of these tablets are bad for their health but are still willing to put their bodies through drastic measures to look a certain way.

The main detriment to the body is the rapid water loss, which causes dehydration. Experts say that this method of shedding the pounds may work in the short term but can also cause long term issues, such as bowel damage.

Many women will take whatever measures necessary to get rid of unwanted weight with some opting for liquid diets, bowls of cereal for more meals than one, body warps or eating baby food to name a new to slim down.

53% of women would opt for a weight loss technique that they felt would work for them even if there were many reports of it negatively impacting on health.

A huge 80% of women have tried a fad diet and celebrities are encouraging 45% of women to follow in their footsteps by sharing their success stories.

The message is to think of your health first- yes, you may be overweight but if you want to lose it -do it slowly and steadily because any fad diet disrupts the natural rhythm of your body, which can never be a good thing.

Source: Mail Online 

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