With Halloween around the corner, it's hard not to get in the mood for a classic horror movie in an attempt to test your real fears. With that, comes the topic of death, and what it might actually feel like just before you die.



A video from the American Chemical Society explains our own experience when we watch people being chased by an axe or chainsaw murderer.

The video explains the specific details of what your brain is going through when faced with a near death experience, and how the sense of fear forces the body to act.

Screaming, another common occurrence in horror films and when you choose to give someone a real fright, is also explained: "We perceive screams in a completely different part of the brain to language."

"Unlike normal speech, screams go from your ears to the amygdala, which is the brain's emergency centre."

"It's almost like the screamer is trying to share with you the state of their brain chemistry."

Watch the full video to really understand what fear and near-death experiences are all about