Weary Willie Day is celebrated every year on December 9th. The unofficial holiday was named after the clown Weary Willie made famous by Emmett Kelly who was born on this day in 1968.

National Calendar Day on Female First

National Calendar Day on Female First

Today is therefore a day to embrace the art of clowning around and enjoy the impact that being silly has on our lives. So we have a few suggestions to have a laugh on this day:

Watch a comedy- As it’s nearing Christmas- maybe Home Alone, Santa Claus or Arthur Christmas will bring in the laughs- whatever film gets you chuckling- put it on after you get home from work and enjoy! How about your favourite comedian perhaps- I know Michael McIntyre or Sarah Millican always cheer me up!

Find a funny picture and post it on Facebook- I always see others doing this but never post one myself. We come into contact with dozens of images every day on Facebook that give us a smile- so why not be the instigator of one?

Search for funny videos on You Tube- Russell Howard once asked the audience- what would it come to if you couldn’t search funny cat videos? And he makes a valid point- the world would be a much sadder place- type it in your search bar and have a good giggle.

Take a funny selfie- There must be some props around your house at this time of year- so dress up, put on a funny mask, pull a strange face and take a snap of it- you don’t have to show anyone or send it anywhere- you can just keep it for yourself and look at it when you want to smile.

Bake something silly- The worse you are the better because the more obscure and hilarious your creation will be- how about a wonky gingerbread house, or some crooked cookies? If you don’t have what it takes in the kitchen, you can have some fun trying.

Get out the games console- Try out the new Just Dance or interactive game on the Wii, whatever gets you busting cringe-worthy movies or makes you get really unnecessarily competitive- it’s the time of year to make a fool out of yourself and be a sore loser!

Board games- Charades or Pictionary never fail to make you laugh because most people lose the ability to draw and spell when they have an audience- so crank up the crazy with either of these.

Build a snowman- If you are in one of the places where it’s snowing already then take advantage, pop on your scarves, hats and gloves and get out there and get crafting! The finest snowmen are the ones that don’t look like what they are supposed to or get creative and make something else.

Pillow Fights- They are free and can give us hours of fun! Just watch out for the feather variety or it could end up being messy- even grown ups love a good pillow fight. 

Clothes Swap- Especially with someone who is much larger or smaller than you or just wear their entire wardrobe like Joey.

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