We’re a nation of animal lovers, with 24% of the UK having voted dogs as our most loved furry pals. We embrace our animals as part of our families; dogs in particular due to their companionship and while we as a nation love all dogs, most of us have a favourite.

Got a favourite dog breed? Find out what your choice reveals about you!

Got a favourite dog breed? Find out what your choice reveals about you!

Clare Hamilton, MD of Hamilton Specialist Referrals in High Wycombe reveals here exactly what your pick of the breeds really says about you.

Beagle - You are as loyal as they come! Happy-go-lucky in your nature and easy-going. Good natured with a heart of gold. Very active and like to keep on the move. You need a lot of love and affection but return this to your nearest and dearest by the bucket load.

Boxer – Intelligent, hard-working and affectionate. Your courage is something to be admired. You’re loving and have a great sense of humour. You don’t mind letting your silly side come out every once in a while.

Labrador Retriever – Friendly and out-going with the friendliest of personalities, everyone loves you! You are a great friend with a big social circle. There is plenty of your affection to go around. Fiercely loyal to your nearest and dearest. Enthusiastic and dependable with a real zest for life.

Yorkshire Terrier – You may be well-groomed and come across on first appearances as a dainty little thing, but you are not one to be underestimated! You’re a brave, feisty and tenacious character. You’re a barrel of laughs, love and friendship!

Cocker Spaniel – You have a gentle, easy-going and sweet temperament. You’re a sensitive soul but with a lively, playful streak. On the face of it, you can come across as shy and quiet. However, once you come out of your shell, you have a real sense of humour.

Chihuahua – You’re small and sassy but with a super-sized personality. You’re full of surprises, you never quite know what to expect from this one. Shy and timid to fearless and outgoing. You’re highly intelligent and tenacious in attitude.

German Shepherd – You’re a curious soul, you like to learn and explore new things. You’re trustworthy and devoted to those close to you. You have an active personality and are strong both physically and mentally. You’re hardworking and fiercely protective of those you care about.

Pug – You’re a ball of energy and fun. Vivacious and fun-loving. You’re an extrovert and happiest in the company of others. Extremely social and charming, people naturally gravitate to your social and playful personality with a great sense of humour.

Corgi – You’re a smart cookie. You have an independent mind and are no pushover! You like to get the most out of life and always on the lookout for a new adventure. You overcome every problem thrown at you with a ‘can do’ attitude. You’re a born leader and love being in charge.

Husky – You’re free-spirited, playful and love the great outdoors. You’re great in social situations with a wide range of personalities and people. You’re friendly and socially confident. Approachable, sociable, friendly and warm natured.

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