Whether you or someone you are spending the festive period with are a Christmas Party Animal, Anti-Christmas Warrior, Christmas Rapper or Father Hipmas, Ticketbis has identified the top gifts and playlists for you!

First up, are you the formidable Christmas Party Animal, donning a tinsel scarf and unstoppable cheer. The perfect gift would be a good old tin of Quality Street and a Tim Allen boxset. Your all-important Christmas playlist would comprise of classic hits such as Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmas Time and Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone.

However, Christmas isn't for everyone, as some of you Anti-Christmas Warrior's out there might cry. After reeling off excuses to avoid the office party, you will go home, put on your carol-blocking earmuffs and Rage Against The Machine record full volume. Your ultimate playlist should include anti-Christmas hits such as: The Fall's No Xmas for John Quays and Eels Christmas is Going to the Dogs.

YO YO YO, festive Hip Hop'ers and Christmas Rappers who love nothing more than spending time with the family reminiscing over seasonal Golden Age hits and a tidal subscription under the tree. Kanye's Christmas in Harlem is top of your Christmas playlist followed by Ludacrismas and Snoop Doggs Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto.

Last, but by no means least, is Father Hipmas, bound to be a stand out character this Christmas. With layered attire and heavy facial hair; now climate appropriate, it's your time to step into the spotlight. Top of your Father Hipmas's gift list you would like to see moustache wax and a new clip on fisheye lens for your Iphone 6, but your heartfelt Christmas playlist is one to sip your mulled wine to, with Sufjan Stevens I'll Be Home for Christmas and Bright Eyes Blue Christmas just to mention a few!

Thomas Mesa country manager UK for Ticketbis said "At Christmas it is important to be surrounded by all the things you love and the top of this list for us at Ticketbis is always the music! Your playlist choices reveal so much about your personality and are something you can share with all your friends and family."

"The great thing about Christmas music is it spans across every genre and there is always something to suit everyone. Whether you love hip-hop, indie, pop, metal or drum and bass, there will be a Christmas playlist out there waiting for you."

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What Christmas personality are you?

What Christmas personality are you?

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