Quality family time

Bathtime is one of the most important family bonding occasions. Quite often a week day bath is quick and functional due to lack of time. When the weekend arrives, it’s all hands on deck for a big, fun bath with lots of toys in the mix! We call it the Great British Bathtime – quality time that everyone looks forward to.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

It’s fun and educational

Children are always learning, and believe it or not bathtime can help to aid learning, as well as encourage imagination and creativity. Bathtime Buddies makes the bath fun and educational, whether it’s practising spellings with the Alphabet Set, creating wacky sculptures with Soapy Foam or getting creative and colourful with Bath Crayons.

It forms part of a relaxing bedtime routine

Keeping bathtime at a similar time each night helps to establish that all-important bedtime routine, which in turn encourages your child’s development and can help to prevent any tired temper tantrums.

It creates lasting memories

Bathtime Buddies is celebrating 25 years of creating special memories for the young and old. If you remember having fun in the bath as a child with the original Alphabet Set, why not continue making memories with some new Bathtime Buddies favourites? Create imaginary creatures with Mouldable Bath Soaps, topple over Fun Stacking Cup structures and explore different textures with Super Soft Facecloth Friends.

It’s a great opportunity to catch up

Bathtime provides valuable one-on-one time in the evening means you can find out your little ones day of adventures at school or nursery.

Tech break

Bathtime is the perfect opportunity to switch your phone on silent, leave technology behind and spend time away from games and social media. Cherish moments away from the screen - families can go on some imaginary explorations with fun characters like Annie the Octopus and Meris the Jellyfish.

Bathtime = happy time

Unhappy child? A fun bubble bath is a surprising mood-booster for your little one, providing a needed change of scenery. Also - we all know a long bubble bath can help us to de-stress and unwind after a long day. Giving your little girl or boy a bath can have the same effect – shutting yourself away from work, a stressful situation or any distractions will help you to focus on what’s really important.

Water babies

Bathtime is a great introduction for children to spending time in water. They can experiment with holding their breath, floating and fun splashing play – with adult supervision of course. It’s the perfect preparation for swimming lessons or seaside holidays, and helps them to learn new skills.

Learn some new skills

As well as encouraging imagination and creativity, bathtime gives children the chance to learn key life skills, such as how to keep clean and how important it is to wash every day. What might seem just a cog in the daily routine is actually an essential part of daily life. 

A delight to the senses

Bathtime is a brilliant way to help stimulate your little one’s senses. Touching bubbles, looking at bright toys and hearing the splash of water all contribute to your child’s development.

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