Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

We love celebrity mamas here at FemaleFirst, and there are certainly some great ones in celebville. Here's our top 12 best celeb mums of the year.

1. Miranda Kerr

Victoria Secrets beauty, Miranda Kerr takes the number one spot on our list, not only for being a fashionably chic parent, but also for being a fabulous mum to her cute baby boy Flynn. Both mother and son have been pictured on numerous occasions all over the world this year, from London to New York and the 29-year-old model’s home, Australia. We love that Miranda seems to have a great balance between her busy professional life and parenthood, and really is an attentive mummy to her baby boy.Talking to Hollywoodlife.com at the Victoria Secrets runway show, Miranda said that Flynn “is so interactive at the moment, he just blows me away. He can sing ABC all the way through to Z and he can count to 15”. She also revealed that little Flynn, who will be turning two-years-old in January “loves music and definitely has Bieber fever” awwww!

2. Kourtney Kardashian

Say what you want about the Kardashians, there’s no denying that the eldest sibling of the family is a great mum to cuties Mason Dash Disick and latest arrival Penelope Scotland Disick. Kourtney infamously gave birth to both her children with the whole family and cameras present, and millions witnessed the beautiful businesswoman literally pull out her baby with her own hands while giving birth.

Though she has been criticised for having such a public birth, we love that the socialite, who is the long-term partner of Scott Disick, really goes all out for her children. In the family’s hit TV series Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney is seen playing with and treating her children with tons of love. She told Parenting magazine that she even cooks her own baby food and that “unless I’m working I can’t be away from him [Mason] without feeling guilty”. The 33-year-old introduced her newest spawn, baby Penelope, via the cover of Us Weekly magazine, in which she said: “Nothing could prepare me for how hard I fell in love with her” so cute!

3. Holly Willoughby

She’s Britain’s favourite yummy mummy who succeeds at looking picture perfect all the time, Holly Willoughby is the epitome of a super mum, handling numerous presenting jobs, a popular clothing line, and being a mum to three-year-old Harry and one-year-old Belle. What we love about the This Morning presenter is how graceful she is when it comes to both her day job and being a parent. She is fashionably flawless and a doting mother who isn’t ashamed of admitting that she couldn’t do anything without hired help.Holly fessed up to NEW! magazine that she achieves the perfect balance between a busy work life and motherhood with the help of her “brilliant” nanny. She tells NEW! magazine: "I make sure the balance is absolutely perfect. I do have a nanny, who's here when I'm at work. She's brilliant. I couldn't do anything without her." And the kids also enjoy the perks of having a celebrity mum, as Holly reveals that she can take her children along to some of her jobs, including round to Keith Lemon’s house, as her husband, Dan Baldwin, also works on Celebrity Juice, something that her little boy Harry loves. "He thinks his dad works at Keith Lemon's house because that's where we go to work!" she tells New! Sounds like lots of fun to us!

4. Jessica Alba

One of Hollywood’s most stunning mums, Jessica Alba secures a place on the best celebrity mums of the year list because of her loving dedication to four-year-old Honor Marie Warren and little one-year-old Haven Garner Warren. The 31-year old American film actress is inseparable from her kids, and is constantly pictured taking them to the park, on play dates, to the store, out for something to eat and even just for a stroll around Hollywood. The Fantastic Four star, who is married to film producer Cash Warren, always seems to be having a great time being a mum.More recently, she was photographed enjoying a winter break in London with daughter Honor where the pair treated themselves to a spot of sightseeing, ice-skating and a visit to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Jessica’s hands-on approach has also led to entrepreneurial ventures as she is also president of The Honest Company, which sells eco-friendly, sustainable baby products, and Jessica herself is a strong supporter of ‘green parenting’ having released ‘The Honest life’ guide to Green parenting earlier this year. But work aside, family comes first for Jessica, she tells MSN: “Motherhood has effected me greatly in so many ways. My career and everything else comes second to my kids.” So sweet!

5. Jennifer Garner

A down-to-earth celebrity mum who appears to have a lovely balance of friendship and motherhood with her three children, Violet Anne Affleck, 7, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, 3, and almost 10-month-old baby boy, Samuel Garner Affleck. The American actress is legally named Jennifer Anne Affleck, after her marriage to Daredevil co-star Ben Affleck in 2005, but the media largely knows Jen by her pre-marital surname. The 40-year-old beauty is often papped out and about in her casualwear spending time with the kids, but what we love most about this celebrity mummy is her fun-loving and honest approach to parenting.Talking to Ellen Degeneres in September Jennifer confessed: “You know that thing when you have a baby? Then you have another one, and another one… I’ll look at my daughter and say ‘Violet, Martha, Sam, Ben…no Violet, yes you are Violet’… I can’t get their names straight”. We’ve got to admit, so many celebrity mums try to put up an impermeable façade of perfection, but Jennifer happily admits to sometimes forgetting she even has a third child! However, she tells Ellen that her kids find her “really funny”, aaah we find her quite funny too!

6. Sandra Bullock

After everything that Sandra Bullock has been through over the past few years, including discovering that husband Jesse James cheated which followed a divorce, the gorgeous 48-year-old has pushed through and proved that she is a magnificent mum to adopted son Louis Bardo Bullock. The American actress and producer has been an exceptional single parent to two-year-old Louis from New Orleans, since 2010. Both mother and son have been photographed taking walks and carrying out everyday tasks, as well as on holiday. Sandra has also made it very clear that she still wants to be involved in her ex-husband’s three kids’ (from his previous marriage) lives and still sees them when she can.Following her adoption two years ago, Sandra talked to People magazine in the US, stating: “I want him[ [Louis] to know no limits on where he can go. I want him to experience all culture, nationalities, countries and people like I did. I want his mind to be open and free. We were raised that we are all the same. No one greater, smarter, more powerful. We are all equal. I would love for Louis to know that . He has a big, beautiful, diverse family. As long as he knows he is loved and protected and given the opportunity to touch and see everything, then I will have done my job as a momma.” Well, we think this celeb momma totally rocks!

7. Victoria Beckham

Probably the most on-trend and high fashion-loving celeb mama on the list, VB (as the designer likes to call herself) has shown an enviable balance between living an A-list celebrity lifestyle and being genuinely committed to motherhood. After giving birth to her daughter, little Harper Beckham, last year, the Spice Girl has been photographed even more than usual, all around the world, with her tot and three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, enjoying family holidays, sports games, days out and so much more.We love that the 38-year-old is more ordinary than most imagine, she even admitted to forgetting one of the kids at home during the school run: “So I jump in my Range Rover, put the car seat in, put my iPod on - obviously very important - and I drive to school,” she tells Vanity Fair earlier this year. “And then I realise, I'd left Brooklyn in the kitchen. I was driving along, talking away and all of a sudden, I looked at the front seat, and I was like, 'S**t! S**t! I've forgot something!" Only VB could pull off the perfect pout and the ability to walk, and carry, her little one in sky-high heels. And she loves being a mum so much that VB revealed to Glamour magazine: “And I’d never say never about another baby. It’s a juggling act - a career, family, a husband who’s busy. But I’d never say never!” fingers crossed for another little Beckham then!

8. Reese Witherspoon

Gorgeous, successful and a great celeb mum, Reese Witherspoon is one of Hollywood’s most envied mommas. The Legally Blonde actress has two kids with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, Ava, 13 and nine-year-old Deacon. She's an enthusiastic philanthropist, and this year she welcomed baby number three, and her first child with talent agent Jim Toth, in September. Little Tennessee James Toth has been pictured with the beautiful blonde on numerous occasions and we just love how happy the 36-year-old mum looks with the cute newborn whenever they are spotted out and about.Earlier this month the star was honoured by parenting charity, America's March of Dimes organisation at a gala luncheon in California for setting a good example to other mothers. Reese was awarded the group's Grace Kelly Award for being a good role model. Talking of her parenting style, she tells Reader’s Digest magazine: ““I grew up in Nashville and my parents taught me to respect my elders. We’d say things like ‘yes, ma’am’ and ‘no, sir’ to adults. But kids in Los Angeles don’t do that. I’ve drawn the line at my children calling adults by their first names. I tell them they can call people ‘Miss Shannon’ or ‘Miss Heather’ but that using only first names is too familiar. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.” Tons of respect to Reese, you fab mum!

9. Katie Holmes

It has been a crazy year for Katie Holmes, but the former Dawson’s Creek actress has pulled through with a smile on her face and earned tons of respect for her gentle and nurturing qualities as a parent. She’s the mum of Hollywood’s most famous and stylish young lady, six-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise.Following the actress’s break-up from now ex-husband Tom Cruise, we must praise Katie for holding it together for her little girl. In the weeks following “TomKat’s” split, the paparazzi were all over the family, but Katie remained grounded and close to Suri, pictured on numerous occasions spending quality mother-daughter bonding time, at the park, getting ice-cream, going shopping and so on. The doting mum tells Glamour magazine: “Well, becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience—in an instant you become strong. You have to be a little bit wiser; it’s the most important job in the world.” Go Katie, you rock!

10. Alyson Hannigan

She’s rarely photographed with her kids, but when the odd picture does pop up in the media of the How I Met Your Mother star we can’t help but say awww! Alyson gave birth to her second daughter, Keeva Jane in May 2012 and during her pregnancy, the proud momma was seen sharing her happy time with her fans on twitter. The American Reunion actress also has another daughter, Satyana, 2, with husband Alexis Denisof.

Alyson is always seen looking upbeat, comfortable and down-to-earth in her role as a celebrity mum, and we love that she is often captured spending time taking long walks and strolls in the park with her little ones. The 38-year-old Hollywood heroine has previously talked about how her life was changed by becoming a mother for the first time in 2010. She said: "It has changed me in every way because my life is so much greater. It filled a void I never knew was there - it's the most amazing experience of my life. I just feel so blessed to get to be on this journey, to be a mommy.” Possibly the most no-nonsense mummy in Tinsel Town, again, awww!

11. Gwen Stefani

The trendiest mum in the music business, Gwen Stefani makes our top 12 list because of the huge amounts of quality time she is seen spending with her kids while handling a very successful music career. The lead singer of the rock and ska band No Doubt, has become somewhat of a style icon for her two boys, Kingston, 6, and four-year-old Zuma. It seems that Gwen is eager to teach her two sons the ways of the fashion world early on, as the uber-trendy boys are greatly influenced by their mums fashion choices from this young age - which we think is simply adorable!The 43-year-old songstress admitted that being a mum has been tough work though: “From the moment they wake up, they start beating on each other. I never knew they would be so physical. They’re just starting to play real well together, but with a lot of fighting. They do look out for each other – especially the little one, he really loves his older brother,” she tells Marie Claire magazine. Looks like Gwen is a celebrity mum who’s not afraid to admit that parenting can be difficult and that’s why we love her – for keeping it real!

12. Angelina Jolie

One of the most famous and, sometimes, controversial mums of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie does things her own way, no matter what anybody has to say, and that’s what we love about the Maleficent beauty. The public and media are constantly divided about her parenting skills and relationship with Jen Aniston’s ex-hubby Brad Pitt. Angie set up home quite quickly with her Mr and Mrs Smith co-star and is a mum-of-six to Maddox, 11, Pax, 9, Zahara, 7, Shiloh, 6, and 4-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. With such a busy career, being a mum to six kids can be challenging, but Angelina believes it’s one of the most important things in her world, and that's why the Hollywood beauty rounds off our top 12. In a previous interview, the Oscar-winning actress said: “There are far too many things to count. But everything that matters in life has to do with being a parent.”And her advice for other women is: “Be yourselves. Don’t listen to what people say.” True to her words, Angelina has been said to have some very unusual parenting habits, such as “When Angelina’s kids get cuts and scrapes, she saves their discarded bandages in a large jar,” her ex-assistant tells InTouch magazine. “She thinks she’s being edgy and artistic.” Despite her dark secrets, Angie puts her kids above all else and more recently, in an interview with Channel 4 News, she revealed that there is a future possibility the actress would definitely out the brakes on her acting career in order to care for her six children. She said: “I think I’m going to have to give up acting as the kids hit the teenage years… I’ve enjoyed being an actress… But if it went away tomorrow, I would be very happy to be home with my children.” We love you Angie!

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