From uniform to stationery to musical instruments, there are hundreds of ways to save money - and make money - from the things the children don’t need any more. Here's what to do:

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

1. If your little ones are starting a new school, why not sell their old school uniform – or check out if there are any local bargains to be had for things like blazers, as well as staples such as school shirts and classic grey skirts.

2. If you’ve got textbooks gathering dust and taking up precious space at home, why not post an ad and sell them to local parents?

3. If the kids are learning a new language at school – check out the second hand dictionaries and grammar books on

4. Your child may decide to learn a new instrument or join the school orchestra, so be prepared with second hand violins, cellos, flutes or oboes - or if you’re really unlucky, a drum kit! There’s also plenty of sheet music available, so there’s no excuse to listen to ‘Chopsticks’ for longer than strictly necessary!

5. If your child loves their sport, don’t let their dreams break the bank, with second hand football boots, tennis rackets, hockey sticks and trainers, at a fraction of their high street prices.

6. If exams are looming, or the kids need some extra support, there are thousands of tutors registered on Gumtree, based right across the UK, so you’ll be sure to get the help you need.

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