Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Adding the school run back into busy mornings can often mean that parents end up skipping breakfast.

New research by healthy, seed-based snack bar range 9bar, has revealed that two thirds of mums across the country are skipping meals and missing out on essential nutrients throughout the day due to lack of time.


With a massive 4 out of 5 of mums across the UK admitting that they feel low in energy, it’s no surprise to hear how many are skipping meals. With motherhood bringing with it a complete lifestyle overhaul, mums are sacrificing a lot to keep up with 63 per cent of respondents admitting to skipping meals to keep up with looking after their families and a fifth admitted to skipping meals more than once weekly. 

Fortunately there are natural and nutritious foods that are also tasty and convenient, ideal for those who lead a more than active lifestyle. It’s important that busy mums consider their own health, as they are also responsible for looking after the family. Eating well is not an indulgence it should be a priority. 9bars are stacked with nutrients from the seeds which make up the majority of each bar. The long lasting, slow release energy found in each 9bar can keep you fuller for longer as well as being great energy to fuel you through every day – be that when taking on a sporting challenge or just taking on the supermarket after a busy day with the kids.

Once you have managed to get your little ones into school, many parents will worry about what they are being fed. Your child’s diet is hugely important to their development, but, with charity Allergy UK estimating that 45% of the UK suffer with food intolerances, it is vital that children are getting the nutrients they need from foods that will not cause the often disruptive symptoms of food intolerance.

The symptoms of food intolerance can be hugely diverse – from IBS, bloating, fatigue and lack of concentration, through to migraines and skin conditions such as eczema. For children with food intolerances, identifying their trigger foods can help them to settle and improve their school performance as well and improving more obvious physical symptoms. With reactions recorded to anything from wheat to lettuce even the most innocent seeming foods could be the source of a child’s symptoms.

Find out your family’s triggers – The YorkTest Food Intolerance Testing service is available as a two-stage process. The First Step is currently available at the special price of £9.99 (RRP: £20.00).  Following the First Step, if your result is positive you can then progress to the comprehensive laboratory analysis and nutritional support for £245.

Finally, to help your family beat the inevitable barrage of bugs that come along at the start of every term, give their immune systems a boost with Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Source of Life GOLD - excellent for helping top up children’s Vitamin D levels during the dark winter months which is essential for fighting off infections. The fruity supplement contains 500 IU of Vitamin D3, comes in fun animal-shaped chews and contains natural XYLITOL instead of sugar, a healthier alternative, and good for teeth and fresh breath. 

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