Getting your baby asleep is more difficult for some

Getting your baby asleep is more difficult for some

All mums have tried and tested ways to get their babies to sleep, sometimes it just doesn't seem to come easily. 

Avent asked mothers to share their top tips, which included gentle bottom pats, staring contests and microwave pings (who knew?!). The catch was that Avent wanted to capture on film the actual moment the babies fell asleep.

“It was extremely important for us that the film was based on genuine research and featured real mums and their babies.  A team of researchers carried out on-line and in person interviews with 100’s of mums, and we whittled that list down to the most compelling and also the most interesting tips," explains Ed Robinson, creative director at The Viral Factory. 

“The real issue was how to film the magical moment of transition from grumpy to sleepy. Babies won’t fit into a filming schedule, and a crew would make the environment unusual so probably corrupt the falling asleep behaviour we came to film. 

“So we devised a pretty radical process:  We set about visiting the babies at their sleep times so they became used to our presence. We also devised filming techniques which were as un-invasive as possible.”

Watch the video below for the top tips on how to get your baby asleep:

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