If you’ve already completed the first and second set of suggestions, here are just a few more to keep you going if your toddler hasn’t returned to nursery yet. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Draw around their body shape: Take a roll of old wallpaper or large piece of paper and lay it on the floor. Ask your toddler to lie down on it and draw around their body with a thick marker. Once you’re done, ask them to draw in the details such as eyes, ears, clothes and shoes. Then they can colour it in with crayons or decorate it with any crafting materials you have to hand. 

Make some binoculars: Take two toilet rolls holders and glue or tape them together, ask your toddler to decorate them any way they wish and then go out into the garden or local park and look for birds. Try to teach your little one a couple of names for the birds you see. 

Make paper aeroplanes: Take some A4 paper and fold each piece into an aeroplane. Ask your toddler to decorate theirs with colours and then set a target in your living space or garden and see which one of you can reach it first. 

10 of a kind: Ask your toddler to find ten of the same thing that is lying around your home- this could be ten things of the same colour, ten cuddly toys, ten shoes, ten things that belong to mummy- whatever you decide as long as they can group together ten like items, they pass! 

Washing: If you need to get some washing done, encourage your toddler to separate the clothes into piles of the same colour. Once they have achieved this- then ask them to load up the washing machine for you with one of the colours. You can take over the rest- but this will help with their awareness of different colours and you get to tick a job off your list too! 

Cups and water: It’s simple but effective! Fill a washing up bowl with water, pop a few of their favourite cups on the surface and watch the magic happen. This will keep them entertained for much longer than you’d expect. Just be sure to protect the floor around them as the water never stays in the bowl! 

Make a stickman: Gather some sticks from out in the garden or your local park, bring them home and give them a clean. Find some string and tie the sticks together to make a little man, just like in the book! You could even read it together afterwards! 

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