Ashley Graham has suffered "mom guilt" since returning to work.

Ashley Graham has suffered mom guilt

Ashley Graham has suffered mom guilt

The 34-year-old model - who has Isaac, two, and five-month-old twins Malachi and Roman with husband Justin Ervin - admits that her return to work hasn't been an easy experience, as she now needs to constantly manage her time.

Ashley shared: "How I navigated my return to work after the twins is hard to say, because I didn’t jump back into a nine-to-five.

"After three months, I started travelling and leaving them for overnights. I definitely had a little mom guilt, but I’ve been pumping a lot more and having to navigate schedules a lot more."

Despite this, Ashley likened her time at work to being on "vacation".

The brunette beauty told The Cut: "I’m jumping back into work faster than when I did with my firstborn, and I think it’s normal. I’m actually so happy when I go to work. It feels like a vacation."

Last month, meanwhile, Ashley admitted she's "still not entirely comfortable in [her] body".

The curvaceous star revealed she's still struggling to come to terms with her post-pregnancy figure.

Ashley said: "Even now, if I’m completely honest, I go in waves. I am still not entirely comfortable in my body, no matter my own body positivity advocacy.

"There are days where I look at myself and I say, 'There's nothing you can't handle. There's nothing you can't do.' Then I look at the stretch marks that still exist and will forever exist on my stomach, and I think, God, why did you have to go up above my belly button? I'm a lingerie model, for God's sake. This is not what lingerie models look like.

"But then I remind myself, 'Well, I've never been the norm of what a typical lingerie model looks like.'"

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