ads Are Too Embarrassed to Answer Questions About The “Birds and The Bees”

ads Are Too Embarrassed to Answer Questions About The “Birds and The Bees”

A huge majority of British parents have revealed that when it comes to learning about the birds and the bees, it will be mum, rather than dad, who will tackle the topic with the kids. 

The research, released by Mums Show Live!, a new exhibition targeted at parents with 4-12-year-olds, also revealed that 10-years-old is the age  parents would prefer their children to be when they have the talk.

When parents were asked who would be better at teaching a child about sex, a fifth said school teachers over dad.

The survey reveals a generational change in attitudes towards sex education. Although mum will be the one to have the chat now, over a third of parents revealed that when they were children, they learnt about sex from their friends, 20 per cent learnt from their mums, and a tiny two percent learnt from their dads.

Jason Franks CEO of Mums Show Live!, said: “Attitudes towards sex education have certainly changed throughout the generations - parents nowadays are much more open and direct with their children.

“However, despite the plethora of information available, especially with the rise of mum blogs, there’s still some embarrassment around how and when to address the ‘where do babies come from’ question.

“This is why we have a whole expert panel at the show advising parents on the ways to handle and answer.”

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