Despite Christmas being weeks away, the festive season is well and truly underway as UK parents reveal that 51% of children have started their Christmas lists. A live walrus, the power of invisibility and an iPhone 7 are just some of the things that feature on kid's wish lists.

With an expected three million lists already drafted, a recent survey by GAME reveals some of the weird and wonderful requests parents have faced, including many that even Santa would struggle to fulfil.

The Top 10 most items found on wish lists included:

Half of the children in the UK have started their Christmas lists

Half of the children in the UK have started their Christmas lists

  1. A real dragon egg
  2. Pet unicorn
  3. iPhone 7
  4. Glasses for a cat
  5. That daddy's job will be okay
  6. A live walrus
  7. Taylor Swift
  8. Flight to the moon
  9. Ferrari
  10. The power of invisibility

Conducted by GAME, which is launching its new Xmas List app, the study also reveals a significant break from festive tradition when it comes to writing wish lists. One in three (29%) children now use technology such as iPads or mobile phones instead of the traditional pen and paper, while a further one in five (19%) will rely on parents to take note of all the things they point at during TV adverts and during trips to the shops.

With parents finding it increasingly difficult to decipher what kids really want, it will come as little surprise that one in five (20%) admit to buying the wrong gifts for their child and over two-thirds (65%) have subsequently faced tantrums, tears and even slammed doors on Christmas Day. Parents too, it seems, have also not forgotten the pain of opening a gift they didn't want, with over three million (17%) owning up to still writing a Christmas list today to ensure they get what they desire the most.

In a bid to help any confusion this Christmas, GAME's Xmas List app will allow kids and adults to keep track of all their must-have gifts in one handy place, easily accessible for them and their family and friends. So whether it's the latest FIFA 16, or any one of the many characters available from the Toys to life market, Xmas List will be able to store them all over the festive period.

Fred Prego, Marketing Director at GAME, says "Choosing what to get your kids at Christmas can be a bit of a minefield. As the research shows, most kids will be making note of the things that they want this half term and a lot of lists are going to be written. While we don't stock any dragon eggs or unicorns, our Xmas List will give children the opportunity to start highlighting all the great games and accessories that they really want to be opening on Christmas Day, making it far easier for parents when it comes to buying presents."

"And, if you're confused about a certain gaming related item that's on your child's wish list, our new Christmas character, Gamer Claus, is on hand to help everyone get the most from GAME Season. Keep an eye out for him over the festive period."

Existing GAME app customers looking for Xmas List should visit the Apple or GooglePlay Store to upgrade to the latest version. For more information on the GAME app, visit

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