Inspired by all of the things we do to ensure our little ones' lives are full of happiness, Pampers are offering 5 grants to help UK consumers make life #BetterForBaby in their local area.

Dr. Ellie Cannon

Dr. Ellie Cannon

Today, Pampers release a short film which showcases just how babies bring out the best in us all; indeed, there's nothing we wouldn't do to make life #BetterForBaby.

Be it a thoughtful stranger helping you up the stairs, a stern security guard pulling faces to make a gurgly baby giggle, or a devoted Dad up before the larks for another night feed, Pampers' new video highlights the universal truth that babies truly bring out the best in all of us, and so there's nothing we wouldn't to do nurture, protect and ensure life is #BetterForBaby. Whether for our own, our grandchildren, nieces and nephews or friends' children, we all make changes to ensure that their lives are as happy as possible.

That said, we all know that the Holidays - with endless present lists, hosting duties and recipes to perfect - can be an especially demanding time of year. Dr. Ellie Cannon, GP & Pampers' Love Sleep and Play Panel member agrees, 'The festive season is a time during which we should pause to consider how much warmth children bring to all of our lives. That said, it's such a busy time that it's easy to lose perspective amidst the endless hosting duties, so I've developed four simple tips to help ensure your holidays are #BetterForBaby and you!'

Dr. Ellie's Top Tips for a #BetterForBaby Christmas:

  1. Even if it's their first, Christmas needn't be complicated or expensive for babies; all they want is to spend time close to you, and enjoy scrunching wrapping paper, so take the pressure off and enjoy time bonding!
  2. Everyone will enjoy Christmas a whole lot more if your baby sticks to their usual pattern, so don't undo all your good work establishing a schedule during the holidays! Make sure your little one's sleeping as normal, and read their signals as you would any other day.
  3. If you do have to travel and stay with family for Christmas, plan all the things you need to bring with you in advance; there's nothing worse than being caught without a baby essential! Try new Pampers Baby-Dry Pants for dryness and convenience. They provide up to 12 hours of dryness thanks to Micro Pearls™ which absorb up to 30 times their weight and lock wetness away. Plus they're easy to change - perfect for when you're away from home without your usual changing facilities.
  4. Don't be afraid to ask for help - Christmas is a busy time, especially if you're looking after a baby. Divide and conquer your list of presents, house admin and hosting responsibilities with your partner, and see if any guests can give you a hand in the kitchen.

And, what better time to celebrate the love that babies bring to our lives than Christmas? This festive season, Pampers want to help spread the cheer by pledging to help make life #BetterForBaby in local communities. Celebrating all that people do to enhance the lives of little ones, Pampers are offering five £1,000 grants, to help UK consumers make life #BetterForBaby in their local areas. Maybe you want to improve some much-needed changing facilities, supply nappies and blankets to a local shelter, or update playtime equipment for a community nursery… anything goes! UK consumers can apply for one of the 5 bursaries simply by watching and sharing the film, and telling Pampers how they pledge to make life #BetterForBaby in their community. Visit or search #BetterForBaby @Pampers_UK for more information.

Paolo Haeusermann, Brand Manager for Pampers Northern Europe, says: 'Pampers support every baby's happy, healthy development, so we're excited to launch #BetterForBaby to celebrate all the joy that babies bring to our lives. The opportunity for UK consumers to win one of five £1,000 Pampers bursaries means that we can enable real change in local areas and communities. We are looking forward to seeing what pledges are made!'

Dr. Ellie Cannon, GP and Pampers' Love Sleep and Play Panel member explains: 'We all make changes - both big and small - to ensure our children's lives are as happy and full of love as possible, and #BetterForBaby is all about spreading that love.

Visit or and search #BetterForBaby on Twitter to make your pledge.

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