With GCSEs and A-Levels looming, parents across the UK are seeking ways to make a key revision period for teenagers over the Easter holidays as stress-free as possible - especially with the added pressure of students sitting exams for the first time since 2019.

Keep Children Learning At Easter

Keep Children Learning At Easter

With the help of MyTutor’s new online group tuition, teens across the nation can now embark on five-day courses to boost confidence - and their grades - focusing on a range of core topics from the school syllabus. 

MyTutor’s online courses are designed to fit busy schedules and enable children to learn with students of the same age in a fun environment. At just one hour a day, the courses keep teenagers engaged and enthusiastic throughout the sessions.

Group Courses

Interactive curriculum courses to support with exam preparation

  • Five-day courses start from £40 for up to six students - students can arrange group courses with their peers to keep them motivated
  • Tutors use quizzes and games to bring the curriculum to life - teens can gain extra support on specific areas whilst having fun in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Teens learns from tutors who are just a few years ahead in their education creating an informal environment where they can feel comfortable
  • Tutors are handpicked top university students with who are subject specialists - only one in eight make it through to tutor on the platform
  • Whilst learning on the curriculum focused courses from experienced tutors; teens can  build their confidence, going into their exams with a new found certainty 
  • Sessions run from Monday-Friday over the Easter holidays from w/c 04.04. Prices start from £40 for five 1-hour length sessions

For learning beyond the curriculum, Fire Tech offers digital courses which teach children new skills while incorporating hobbies they love. This ensures entertainment is kept high during the all-important holiday revision period and makes for a fun activity for kids aged seven and upwards.

Fire Tech Courses

Digital and tech courses to expand children’s skill set 

  • Fire Tech are interactive courses designed to empower and inspire children
  • Opportunity to learn the most in-demand, cutting-edge tech skills with courses ranging from topics such as coding and robotics, to graphics and AI
  • Children can learn how to code and design through the Minecraft Maker course or create their own video games with Python programming
  • Tutors are top computer science tutors from the UK’s leading universities
  • The range of courses will be taking place over the Easter holidays from 28th March-24th April 
  • Intensive 5 day courses are £295 whilst short 1 hour courses are available from £10 and multi-day courses from £195

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