FemaleFirst received some fantastic goods from Faber-Castell's playing and learning range, and so let two siblings aged four and ten test out the products to see what they made of them.

Creative Craft Sets - £7.99

Kids and adults can create wonderful artistic animals

What's inside?

Inventive and exciting for the little ones, you can choose between an ocean, jungle or desert pack to let imaginations run wild.

Artwork sheets are provided to be coloured in, cut out and used as a backdrop and features for the shapes and animals you create using connector pens and connector caps/clips, bringing your artwork to life.


The craft sets are rated for 6 year olds and over, but children younger can definitely still get involved in the colouring side of things.

An adult's help will most likely be required for the creation of the shapes and animals using the connector caps and clips, but it's a great way to share time with the young ones and build something together.

Finger Shaped Easy Grip Crayons - £5.95

The crayons have grip so they don't slip

What's inside?

With six crayons included, each coming in at under a pound per unit, you're getting a good deal with these easy grips that come in yellow, orange, red, blue, green and brown.


Once you've shown your child just how to hold the crayons, they should be good to go as they feel great in the hand and don't slip easily. They're also stain free and erasable so that any mistakes or doodles on the wall can be removed with ease.

CONNECTOR Paint Box - From £10

Paints come in a range of colours

What's inside?

You can choose from a 12 or 24 colour paint box which includes many different colours, all of which can be disconnected and reconnected so your palette's to your taste. There's also one brush to use so if you're hoping to impress more than one child, you'll need another paint box or separate brush to allow them to paint together.


The paints are really easy to use and keep tidy, but young children should be changed into an outfit that you wouldn't mind getting a bit of a splash of paint on.

Keep a small glass or pot aside for your water so brushes can be wiped off and colours not mixed.

Each colour can be unclipped and clipped to form a palette

In a world that's dominated by technology, the Faber-Castell range really helps bring the family together for some fun moments that should help create memories to last forever.

The range is available now to buy at www.amazon.com and www.stonegift.com

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