A pet unicorn, £100 in cash and an opportunity to test drive a racing car are among the presents children are wishing for this Christmas reveals KidZania London, following research of over 1,500 parents and children.

Parenting expert and KidZania Think Tank member, Sue Atkins, commented on the research: “Mums and dads will certainly have their work cut out trying to fulfil many of the gifts included on their little ones’ fantasy wish list this Christmas.  It’s touching to see that in this digital age, children are still using their imaginations and coming up with fantastical presents of make believe animals, making their very own confectionary bar and dreaming of being on television. What’s more, children asking for cash demonstrates how they want to be financially independent this Christmas and make their own choices, as opposed to receiving a set gift.


“Encouraging children to make an alternative Christmas list to the must-have toys, not only sparks their imagination but encourages role play, which is a key component of every child’s learning and overall social development.


Other results from the research found that parents budget £189 per child, in contrast to their kids who believe that they should spend well over £200 on their Christmas gifts.


Sue continues: “At KidZania London, children are given the freedom to explore the City and are completely in charge of the activities they partake in. Playing in a supermarket, putting out fires or even being a radio DJ, allows children to act out real life jobs, while earning KidZania currency upon completing the activity.”

So here we have it- the top 70 if you're still struggling for those lst few bits! 

And there are a few surprises in there!

And there are a few surprises in there!

  1. A puppy
  2. £100
  3. A swimming pool
  4. Snow
  5. To be a superhero
  6. To have a cinema at home
  7. To meet Father Christmas
  8. To have unlimited time on video games
  9. A magic treehouse
  10. A pet unicorn
  11. A minion
  12. To go to Lapland
  13. To be a princess
  14. To ditch homework for a month
  15. A pet horse
  16. To go to space
  17. To fly
  18. To have unlimited access to the treat cupboard
  19. To ride a reindeer
  20. A spaceship
  21. A time machine
  22. To go to the moon
  23. To eat ice-cream for dinner every night
  24. A world made of chocolate
  25. Driving a racing car
  26. To be allowed to watch TV all day
  27. A pet monkey
  28. To visit the moon
  29. A car
  30. To be on TV
  31. To be a mermaid
  32. To abolish bedtimes
  33. Dad to stop being grumpy
  34. To be famous
  35. Play with a dinosaur
  36. To play football with the England squad
  37. To sing with Little Mix
  38. To become an astronaut
  39. To make my own chocolate bar
  40. Mum to stop making me eat vegetables
  41. To be a star
  42. Football team to win the cup
  43. Playtime to last 4 hours
  44. A crown
  45. A sister
  46. To sleep in a den for a week
  47. To be in my own cartoon
  48. A house made of jelly
  49. An elephant
  50. To get rid of broccoli
  51. To never visit the dentist again
  52. To have long hair
  53. A brother
  54. To be a bird
  55. A tattoo
  56. A donkey
  57. Become a fashion designer
  58. To meet Justin Bieber
  59. A chicken
  60. Mum to stop kissing me at the school gates
  61. A tennis court
  62. Wear all of mummy’s jewellery
  63. Mum and dad to get back together
  64. To be a fashion stylist
  65. Dad to stop dancing
  66. To meet Zoella
  67. A duck
  68. More social media followers than my siblings
  69. To be a rapper

And last but not least....

70.  To meet Honey G

About KidZania

KidZania is the UK’s first educational entertainment experience where children aged four to fourteen can learn real-life skills in a 75,000sq ft. child-size City built just for children. There are over 60 unique and exciting professions to choose from including the Aviation Academy, Radio Station, Police Department, and Hospital. Crucially, adults are not allowed to decide which activities their children take part in – meaning children are given autonomy to make sense of the world and make decisions for themselves. 

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