Being pregnant is a beautiful, exciting experience for mums-to-be.

Okay, the ‘morning’ sickness (if you’re unlucky enough to go through this) never gets any easier, but the realisation of how amazing your body is - growing an actual human inside of you - makes you feel like a real-life superhero!

Get organised and write a list of essentials for you and the little one / Photo credit: Prostock-studio / Alamy
Get organised and write a list of essentials for you and the little one / Photo credit: Prostock-studio / Alamy

Amongst all the ups and downs of pregnancy – did someone say hormones?! – you need to get organised.

Prepping for a small baby can feel like a big job. But it doesn’t need to feel like a chore!

Whether you’re 8 months pregnant or newly pregnant, packing or prepping your hospital bag is never a bad idea.

Okay, if you’re superstitious, you may prefer to avoid being too hasty, but writing a list of what you need to take along with you to the hospital, is definitely needed. After all, you don’t want to forget the essentials. Ahem – snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Just me?

The amount of time you’re expected to be in hospital will dictate the number of items you need (C-section or being induced, probably best to pack extra quantities – just in case!). But don’t worry too much about not having ‘enough,’ your chosen hospital will have supplies at your dispense.

If you’re one for being organised or need a little boost, we have a list of ‘must-haves’ for mother and baby to make the experience all the more amazing!


Baby grows: You could pack your whole babies’ wardrobe if you really wanted too, but we need to be realistic (sadly!). Choose your three favourites (they’re all your favourite, I hear you cry!) but leaving space for the other essentials will be worth it.

Vests: You can never have enough vests but if you’re wanting to pack light then around three will be more than substantial.

Going home outfit: This may be the most important item for many mums, after all, you want to show off your bundle of joy in all his/her glory and choosing their cutest attire may be a harder than you thought!

Ready-made bottles: If you have decided that bottle feeding is more suitable, be sure to pack pre-made bottles for the little one. You can get most branded formula milk in this form and one pack will do you for your time in hospital.

Nappies/ wipes: Did someone say poo explosion? Babies first bowel movement will get very messy so be prepared! A couple packs of baby wipes (also handy to wipe yourself down too, if needed) will be needed too. Take along some nappy rash cream in case the baby is a little red on the buttocks.

Mittens/hat: Babies tend to have long nails when first born – to prevent them scratching their face, mittens are always a ‘handy’ item to have. A hat is a must too! Keeping the babies head warm when first born is vital, so one or two will be more than substantial.

Blankets/muslins: Keeping the baby warm and cosy after birth is also very important. The baby will take time to control their body temperature - cuddling up to them all wrapped up sounds perfect to me!

Dummies/Comforters: If you choose to give your little one a dummy, don’t forget to bring these along too. As well as a cute comforter for them to snuggle up too. (It’s advised to not have anything in the cot with baby, so ensure you’re around when baby has anything in the cot or incubator).

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Snacks: Food and drinks are a bigger essential than you may have originally thought. If you’re experiencing strong cravings or take a dislike to hospital food, bringing along your sweet or savoury favourites will leave you feeling a little more comfortable – no one needs to witness a pregnant woman when hungry!

Nighties: Comfortable nightwear is a must! A nightie is preferable as it will be easier for yourself and the midwives when they are carrying out checks. If you tend to be on the colder side, take along a dressing gown and a pair of fluffy socks.

Nursing bras: If you choose to breastfeed then nursing bras are ideal. Comfort is at the forefront so choose your favourite! Sports bras also work a treat for those who aren’t breastfeeding. It’ll leave you feeling less restricted too.

Big knickers/ maternity pads: Once you’ve given birth you will bleed. Having maternity pads are perfect and if you’d prefer to wear knickers, make it the biggest ones you can find!

Wash bag: You’ll want to keep yourself refreshed for the most part, by packing a number of essential toiletries, this will leave you feeling a little more ‘you.’

Going home outfit: It’s not only your new addition who needs clothes to leave in. Take your comfiest, baggiest clothing items you own, and you’ll thank yourself for not packing your favourite jeans!

Other items at your discretion:

Phone charger – to keep family and friends updated

Flip flops – your feet may get swollen but need something to wear when using the bathroom etc – ideal!

Hand fan – if you give birth in the summer months or are typically warmer since pregnancy, a hand fan will be your saviour – trust me!

Written by Laura, who you can follow on Twitter, @LauraJadeC20

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