When you're in need of some advice about the little one, who is your go to person? If you answered the internet, you are one of many who prefer to seek advice from the web rather than their own mum or mother-in-law.

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It has been revealed that parents favour the Internet over their own mum or mother-in-law when searching for parenting advice, according to GrowingUpMilkInfo.com.

A shocking three in five mums and dads turn to online resources before asking their own mum for parenting and toddler-specific nutritional advice.

The poll also revealed that mums are more likely to seek parenting and nutritional guidance, with three in ten dads (30%) admitting they turn to their partner for guidance when it comes to the topic of their child's wellbeing.

Places parents turn to online include parenting websites, interactive live chat services and forums as well as social media channels.

Top Sources Parents Turn To For Advice:

  1. Online resources, including social media and e- books- 57%
  2. Their own mum or mother-in-law- 51%
  3. Their partner- 28%
  4. Friends- 25%
  5. Healthcare professional- 20%
  6. Their own grandmother or grandmother-in-law- 20%

The survey marks the launch of GrowingUpMilkInfo.com's new Live Chat service, which aims to tackle parents' main frustrations when searching online for toddler-specific parenting and nutritional advice. These include being bombarded by too much information, concerns that the advice isn't suited to their child, and a lack of speciality nutritional advice.

With Live Chat, parents can access advice that meets their toddler's individual needs, in real-time. This means that they no longer have to wade through reams of information to find what they're looking for.

Child psychologist, Dr Richard Woolfson comments: "Opening up access to tailored and immediate nutritional advice via an online Live Chat service is good news for parents. It means that despite the overwhelming amount of information online, finding reliable, specific advice when you need is now only one click away. "

"Ultimately parents want information they can trust, yet it can sometimes be difficult to verify the quality of advice on the web. With the new GrowingUpMilkInfo.com Live Chat service that is one less concern for parents to contend with."

The GrowingUpMilkInfo.com Live Chat function offers reliable one-to-one advice and support from toddler nutrition advisors. Providing a quick and easy way to get answers, the Live Chat team is supported by nutritionists and healthcare professionals.

For more information visit GrowingUpMilkInfo.com/Contact

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