Jamelia may be best known for her music and television appearances as a panellist on Loose Women, but this week she's helped launch the Kellogg's Breakfast Club Awards by joining kids at St Bernadette's Primary School in Stockport. Enjoying breakfast with the youngsters as they kicked off the new school year, she's now put together three exclusive tips for Female First readers on beating the back to school chaos! Check them out below:

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

1. Beat the school run

The chaos of the morning can be overwhelming for the best of us, so why not tick one thing off the list and check out if your school offers a Breakfast Club? By using a Breakfast Club parents can beat the rush hour traffic and provide your little ones with a nutritious breakfast, ensuring the best start to the day!

2. Early bedtimes aren't just for children

Every hour of sleep your child gets is crucial to tackling the day ahead and this is no exception for parents. The morning routine requires bounds of energy from hardworking parents and kids rely on you to begin your day right. If you have to set an alarm, you’re not getting enough sleep!

3. Establish family time

It’s easy for quality time between families to get lost in the back to school rush but by scheduling an hour of family time each day, whether that be sitting round the dinner table or helping with homework, children are more likely to develop social skills, higher self-esteem, and relieve the stress of their busy day at school. Happy children makes for happy parents!

Speaking about her own childhood, Jamelia said: "Growing up my school breakfast club was a key part of our family life and was great for growing my confidence as a child.

"My mother was a single, working parent so breakfast club provided support and enabled her to go back to work - while ensuring I had the best start to the day.

"It is fantastic to be launching the Kellogg's Breakfast Club awards, an event dedicated to celebrating the wonderful, and inspiring work that goes on in breakfast clubs up and down the country."

Schools across the UK and Northern Ireland are invited to enter for the chance to win a cash prize, with winners also set to be invited to attend an awards ceremony in The Houses of Parliament.

A specialist panel of judges will hand-pick from the entries, with winners set to be announced on Monday, October 29.

To find out more and to submit a Breakfast Club Awards entry, visit: www.KelloggsBreakfastClubAwards.co.uk. Entries close on Friday, September 28.

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