In 2020, new parents had to cope with the stress of a pandemic and the usual worries of having a child. Thankfully during this scary time, there were resources available online for new parents. 

Mo Mommies - credit Jennifer Monness

Mo Mommies - credit Jennifer Monness

Jennifer Monness, the founder of Mo’ Mommies blog and co-founder of Union Square Play, is one mom behind some of these critical resources, motivated by her own struggles balancing work and motherhood at such a challenging time.

Before the pandemic, Monness was teaching in-person classes and workshops to parents. Her sessions provided advice and a safe space to learn. When the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic descended last March, Monness recognized how many more people needed community outside of the Union Square, NYC  neighborhood. She used virtual video classes to reach and support an even larger audience than before. Monness’s ability to pivot in these unprecedented circumstances quadrupled her business by creating virtual classes and workshops. The Union Square Play platform has continued to be the ‘‘home away from home’ that her physical space once provided for parents and their children throughout the pandemic. The app provides access to workshops, support groups, and classes. Monness feels a great need for parents to stay connected to other parents now more than ever. She says, “Parenthood is already hectic, and the pandemic made our worlds feel smaller, but they haven’t made them calmer. The ability to connect with others is even more essential right now.”

Monness’s current online workshops and classes are a part of many other resources that she provides for parents. Union Square Play was originally a brick and mortar location that provided a safe space for NYC families that included developmental, sensory, music, and creative classes. Monness began her career as an early childhood’ educator. This role has evolved her into becoming a fundamental source of support and advice for parents.

In addition to creating Union Square Play, Jennifer Monness applied the wisdom and knowledge that she had gained through a long career in early childhood education to offer parents an outlet where they could learn from her experiences. It led to creating the instagram account  Mo’ Mommies, which has become a community and resource that empowers parents to learn, grow and feel supported. The future is uncertain about the effects of this pandemic. Thankfully there are credible resources online like these that can help parents weather these challenging times.


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