New research suggests that a fifth of stay-at-home mums would’ve opted to choose pursuing a career if they could ‘turn back the clock’.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

The biggest regrets of stay-at-home mums was the lack of ‘workplace interaction’, missing out on ‘career progression’ and the lack of ‘new opportunities’

Nearly nine in 10 stay-at-home mums believe they have missed out on certain things by giving up their jobs, according to a new study by money saving website

Of the 1,376 UK stay-at-home mums polled, 87 per cent admitted they were missing out on professional and social activity that they would have liked to be a part of now.

Over half miss workplace interaction while 48 per cent miss the chance for career progression. Getting awarded new opportunities is a longing for 45 per cent of respondents while having a great household income and lifestyle diversity is what two thirds claim to miss.

George Charles of said: “Parenthood is a wonderful thing and having children brings a lot of joy into life.

“Stay-at-home mothers get the opportunity to enjoy their youngster’s formative years. But it seems that for some mothers, this does come at a price.”

When asked if they would make a different choice if they could turn back time, 57 per cent of the stay-at-home mums admitted that they ‘would’ve made some changes’, with a fifth confessing that they would’ve ‘chosen to pursue a career’ if they could. The remaining 43 per cent said that they ‘wouldn’t change anything’.

In hindsight, 52 per cent of the mothers that said they would have chosen a career, admit they would have liked to ‘juggle work and home life’ rather than giving up work entirely, while a third said that they would’ve ‘had children later in life’.

George added:  “We all make decisions in life that have an impact on our futures and whilst the majority of stay-at-home mums wouldn’t change their decision, it seems that quite a large proportion would’ve done things differently.

“People might grumble about having to go to work, but it’s interesting that some of those at home would like to trade places given the chance.”