The day your baby is born on can you tell you a lot about the type of person they will grow up to be and the 30th of the month is no different, so here is what you can expect from your child in the next few years.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Babies born on the 30th are…

Talented: Babies born on this day will shine in something from being very young and it’s up to you as their parent to identify where their strengths are and to encourage them as best you can. They will require guidance in their given passion because they can be quite unfocused if left to their own devices. 

Superficial: A more negative trait could be that your child focuses on what is on the surface and is reluctant to dive any deeper. Try to teach him/her that people are more than just their appearance and that there is more going on underneath in every situation if they only care to look. 

Attractive: Your baby will grow to be someone that people are naturally attracted to- not just because of their looks but their personality will draw people too. While this will make it easier for them to forge relationships with other people- there is a chance bad people will gravitate towards them too. Make sure they know that not all people are as genuine as they first seem. 

Fortunate: Your child will likely fall on their feet whatever path they choose to take and while this will give you some comfort as their guardian- others might resent them for their good fortune. Teach them to ignore the jealous people in light of their successes. Envy will always be around and there is nothing they can do to change that so it’s best to turn a blind eye. 

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Undisciplined: While your baby will grow to be gifted in certain areas- they will threaten to throw it all away because of an ongoing struggle to organise themselves. If you are someone who is naturally disciplined- try to demonstrate the benefits of this to them from being little and some of it just might stick when they choose what they want to do in life. 

Artistic: Babies born on the 30th of the month are creative and this usually translates to their choice of career or hobby. Expect your child to show an interest in things like drawing, painting, writing and when they are older- interior design and cooking. Try to give them the tools they need to fully explore these activities and if you can- embrace it with them. 

Talkative: Your child will gain a firm grasp of the English language and may even surpass their nursery peers and schoolmates when it comes to their level of speech. Engage them in conversation, read with them and encourage them to talk to others as much as they can so that they will be good communicators when they are older. Your main concern might be getting them to take a breath and let someone else speak! 

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