Numerology is said to have been discovered by Pythagoras, the Greek mystic and mathematician, although there are different forms of it dating back to old civilisations such as Babylon and ancient China. Numerology is the ancient science of numbers and letters. Each number and letter has its own unique universal vibrational energy relatable to the story of all of our lives.

The Key

The Key

Numerology can help you discover your personality strengths, how people perceive you and your true life potential. The core of all my work as an intuitive Numerologist and Spiritual Empowerment Mentor is through Numerology. Numerology is an amazing universal tool to have in unlocking messages and signs that are gifted to us daily divinely and universally.

We all have seven core life numbers in our chart that can help us understand our life journey and purpose. Each individual number has its own personality and is given its individual name for the energy it represents.

I completely understand the language of the Universe and looked to it for the launch of The Key. I considered the launch date and the energy it would bring for its release and chose Tuesday 27th October a fabulous vibrational day. Overall, the energy of the 27th when the numbers are added together calculates to a 9, known as The Compassionate Humanitarian because of the traits it shows in its character. A 9 also signifies completion. I thought this was so apt for the release as my book was now complete and ready to help others at the start of their journey – new beginnings! Number 9 also shares love, kindness and compassion all of which are the emotions I poured into the book as I was writing it. I wanted to help as many people understand Universal Magic and the awakening signs too. But as well as taking the 9 into consideration I also looked at the individual number energy.

The number 2 is known within numerology as The Peaceful One. It has a beautiful karmic flow and a calming energy which is what I wanted readers of The Key to feel whilst enjoying the book too. There is also a message of sowing seeds for success which is an amazing vibration for The Key to embrace. Number 2 also works well in partnerships and I thought this reflected the relationship I have with my publisher Camilla who is a joy to work with!

The number 7 is known as The Spiritual One. As a Life Path 7 myself I completely resonate with this number and all of its magic! Our Life Path is the first number in our chart and shows who we are as a person. A Life Path 7 connects with the spiritual self and brings a sense of wonderment with it. 7 is also about the receiving and sharing of knowledge. This was inspirational for me as I love sharing all my knowledge with those looking for guidance.

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Using Numerology is a key part of my work and I use it in sharing my daily and monthly readings within my online community. I am messaged daily about recurring numbers especially and wanted to also give a little insight into the messages encoded within recurring numbers which is why I wrote a chapter on recurring numbers in my book.

The most common recurring number people see is 11.11. Some people are aware of Angel Numbers and the divine messages they bring but there is also daily guidance given within them too. As well as numerology I share the Universal magic such as the understanding of Crystals, Angels the Moon and much more in The Key. It is my mission to share Universal Magic with as many amazing souls as I can and I know The Key will be a must have tool to unlocking it!

About The Key 

Imagine being given the key to unlock the magic of the universe to allow you to connect to its incredible power to bring flow into your life. Look no further! The Key is a guide and journal to help you through your awakening, giving you knowledge and tools to support you in working with the power of the universe. Touching on everything from numerology, angels, manifestation and spirit guides to crystals and psychic gifts, The Key gives you access to knowledge and tips that will support you through your personal and spiritual growth. Written by spiritual empowerment mentor and numerologist Denise Martinez Rossini, The Key is the perfect guide for anyone beginning their spiritual awakening, making sense of the sheer volume of information out there in easy to understand terms. Walking you gently through the magic to help you find your spiritual truth, The Key is a must have for anyone on their spiritual journey!

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Consider the phrase ‘the whole nine yards’- perhaps you are giving your all to something and it’s not giving you anything back by way of happiness, joy or satisfaction. Similarly, you may be putting in every effort in your relationship or friendship and the other person isn’t even meeting you halfway... to read more click HERE 

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