Packing your hospital bag can seem like a daunting task, especially if it's your first baby. You feel like you want to pack everything but realistically you just need to take the essentials. To try and help alleviate any concerns you may have about packing your bag, I've put together a little list for you. These are the items I used for both of my deliveries.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Your bag:

1. A couple of pairs of comfy trousers to leave the hospital with (including one that would be comfy if I had to have a C section too!)

2. A few different loose tops and nursing vests

3. Two nighties that you don't mind getting ruined

4. A pair of really comfy pyjamas (there's nothing better than comfy pj's after you've delivered!)

5. Two towels (one large and one hand towel that you don't mind getting ruined)

6. Bikini in case of water birth

7. A few different pairs (and styles) of knickers in case of c-section

8. Socks (you can actually get cold during delivery)

9. Slippers or flip flops for walking the room/hallways

10. A couple of nursing bras

11. Maternity pads

12. Breast pads

13. Cotton pads

14. Wash bag including: dry shampoo, tissues, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, flannel, body wash miniature, shampoo and conditioner miniature, lip balm, BB cream and hair spray, hair bobbles/clips/brushes, make up remover, hand cream

15. Hair straighteners! I missed this off the list the first time round and having a water birth and very curly hair didn't quite mix.

16. Dressing gown (light weight for summer months)

17. Snacks (for both yourself and partner as you don't know how long your labour will last. Try and take snack bars or things that are easy to eat or nibble at as you don't really feel like eating much but they give you the energy needed.

18. Spare t-shirt for hubby in case it gets dirty or it's a really long delivery.

For your baby (I used my changing bag)

1. Nappies X 6 (take more in the boot of the car in case you are in longer than you think)

2. Nappy bags

3. Wipes (I took cotton wool the first time and couldn't get the meconium poo off Isabella so the midwife actually used wipes; I would use water for wet nappies but for the meconium, I'd definitely suggest wipes!)

4. Cotton wool

5. Sudocrem or something similar

6. Mini baby powder

7. Hand sanitiser

8. Dummies

9. Muslin squares

10. Baby blanket

11. Cellular blanket

12. 3x baby grows, vests, hats (you can always bring more to the hospital if you stay in longer than you anticipate)

13. Cardigan for going home in (even in the summer months)

14. Booties

15. Going home outfit

Obviously you will need a car seat to take baby home in too even if you are getting a cab!

I hope this helps anyone looking for what to pack in your hospital bag!

Michelle Haslett

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