Parenting News: Most Dads Admit to Using Google to Help Kids with Homework

Parenting News: Most Dads Admit to Using Google to Help Kids with Homework

What do you do when you can’t answer that maths question on your homework? Or when you can’t change your light bulb? You call dad.

In fact, 67 per cent of sons and daughters admitted that they will go to dad for help and advice.

Funnily enough, 63 per cent of dads will then go straight to Google in order to find the answer for their kids.

It’s mostly homework that dads struggle with most, calling upon Google regularly to help their children complete their homework correctly.

But even when their kids get older, dads are still using Google to help their children with their problems.

Instead of going to dad for help with homework, adult children are going to their dad for advice on money, DIY, property and cars.

Nearly four in 10 dads with go to Google for advice to pass onto their adult children about money and a further 34 per cent will do the same for property advice.

A third will consult the internet for advice on DIY to give their kids, and 26 per cent will rely on Google for advice about car maintenance.

Sticking with tradition, girls are still more likely to go to their dad for advice, with 68 per cent of girls asking dad for help compared to 62 per cent of boys.

Jamie Ford, CEO of Plusnet, who conducted the research, said, “It’s great to see that children still rely on their fathers but interesting to see that nearly two thirds of fathers are turning to the internet to be able to provide their children with the answers.

“With fathers so dependent on the internet we’re proud to be able to offer our support with our great value packages and straight talking service.”

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