With two weeks of August left and September just around the corner, it’s time for families to prepare for this year’s Back to School season. Extracurricular registration? Check. School supply shopping? Double check. But when is the last time that you and your family openly discussed modern safety issues?

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

In an increasingly digitised and independent society, it is important to stay connected with children who are experimenting with modern technologies and newfound independence.

Sygic shares their safety tips for parents looking for solutions for today’s biggest issues as we head into this year’s Back to School season.

1. Monitor Internet and Social Media Habits

Technology falls into younger hands each year. Now more than ever, it is crucial that parents know what information is being shared as children explore and participate in online communities. Stressing the dangers of risk and permanence can prove to be a valuable security decision for now and years to come.

2. Stay Connected With Your Children with Family Locator app

If you believe in a “trust but verify” style of parenting, an intuitive location-sharing app such as Family Locator by Sygic can help keep your children happy and independent. With Family Locator, parents can effortlessly stay informed and connected to their loved ones by monitoring real-time locations and sending free in-app messages. Family members can check-in to destinations with exact locations at the touch of a button, and automatic notifications are instantly sent to parents if their children leave predefined safe zones. Using Sygic’s Family Locator app offers a quick and stress-free way to help parents stay confident that their children are safe and sound. 

3. Talk to Your Children about Bullying

By gently enquiring if your children have seen anyone being bullied – or if they themselves are victims – you might be able to thwart a physical or emotional safety issue early on. Parents should watch out for warning signs, including sudden downturns in grades, disinterest in social get-togethers and indications of physical abuse. Encourage children to non-physically resolve problems and confide in a trusted adult.

4. Encourage Responsibility

Freedom and adventure – within reason – are integral to any child’s development, but so is learning the importance of responsibility. As the school year begins, be sure to enforce homework policies, community service or any other obligations with the perk of greater independence as a reward.            

5. Inspire Healthy Eating

Children can experience life-long physical and mental benefits by sticking to a healthy routine including healthy food and regular exercise. For bonus points, involve your children in the food preparation process: they will carry the skills with them for the rest of their lives, not to mention great memories with their parents!

Back to school does not have to mean back-to-worrying. While not all back to school concerns can be avoided, hands-on parenting, open dialogue and family apps like Family Locator are solutions for many of them. Family awareness is the key to a happy household, and Sygic is proud to offer helpful safety tips to parents while keeping them in touch with their loved ones.






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