The summer holidays are almost over and if you’re a parent, you are most likely to be relieved to get back into the school routine but the kids, not so much.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

A new survey reveals that children spend 2.5 hours on homework during the average school night.

The survey carried out by also found that if children were paid the national minimum wage for the hours they spend on their school work, they would earn the equivalent of £16,353.

This means that children would earn more than their parents who participated in the survey earning £15,934.

The figure was estimated on the basis that school children work for a total of 9 hours, which included school hours and after school study, for 288 days a year, accounting for the 77 days schools have off for holidays.

Many parents believe that their children are required to do too much work after school with 53% revealing that they spend too much of their ‘free’ time on school work.

A further 32% stated that their child ‘struggled to fit in leisure activities such as sports and hobby groups’ around their school work, with 41% confessing that their child seemed ‘sometimes stressed and tired due to school work pressures’.

Matthew Wood of commented: “Going to school often feels like paying your dues for many children, but working hard is required in order to set yourself up for a successful future. While it may be difficult at the time, it is normally worth it. However, it is too much if a child struggles with the stress and pressure of keeping up with their work, and they shouldn’t have to miss out on childhood hobbies and activities just to maintain their nine-to-three!”

He continued: “It’s very interesting to see how much a child would earn, even on the minimum wage. Many parents are probably rather envious of their child’s earning equivalent! Perhaps it will give the mums and dads a little nudge and encourage them to work harder by viewing their child as an inspiration!”

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