Seeing your child in their new oversized, school uniform on the first day of school is an iconic milestone for parents- a moment when 84% felt their baby had grown-up, new research reveals.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

The research carried out by Fairy Non Bio, whose ‘Power of Soft’ campaign is all about making the most of these moments, looked at those fleeting pre-school years and found that for three quarters of parents revealed their child’s first day marked an end of an era.

It also found that mum was five times more likely than her child to be shedding a tear as they waved them off into the classroom for the first time and over 56% admitted to feeling overwhelmingly emotional.

According to the findings, 64% of parents said that taking their child to the school gates for the first time made them realise how fast the early years had flown by, with 68% adding that they felt their child had grown up too quickly.

As well as their child’s company (43%), the constant background noise (28%) and the fun things they did during the day together (23%), it was those special kisses and cuddles, often recalled as the most treasured of experiences, which a quarter of all parents missing this the most once their child started school.

Once their child started school, 52% of parents could actually identify a change in their child’s once super soft cuddle, with 46% of children not wanting a cuddle in front of their friends and almost a third only wanting a cuddle from their parents when they were ill or hurt.

It’s therefore no surprise that when asked if they were tempted to have another baby once their youngest had started school, 44% of parents said yes. With 45% explaining that it was to re-live those fleeting baby years, whilst 35% admitted it was to enjoy those short-lived baby cuddles all over again.

Fairy Non Bio is proud to have seen millions of mums through every step of their child’s journey, from new-born baby-grow to that first school uniform, helping mum enjoy every perfect cuddle by leaving baby’s clothes super soft.




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