Keeping the kids entertained isn’t always easy. Inventing new and intriguing games to keep their little minds focused can become quite mundane.

We have selected 5 gadgets and apps that are perfect for rainy days or to enjoy together as a family.


This ingenious and stupidly cute solution comes from the makers of Clocky (the alarm clock that runs away) and was funded by thousands of cool parents on Kickstarter. Parents can leave voicemail messages for their children which parents leave on their app from their location anywhere in the world and the message is then sent to the Toymail device. The colourful toys connect wirelessly with your home Wi-fi network and they'll snort, wheeze, howl and growl to let your child know they have a new message. 

Toymail is now available exclusively from for £49.99 each. Choose from five adorable characters including Buck, Snort, Milksop, Fairfax and Rochester.


Poplings is a unique educational app for pre-school children. Poplings combines child friendly and original pop hits with early years learning, all set in a fun and colourful world inhabited by the enchanting Poplings characters. Uniquely the game features original music that parents can enjoy too by artists which include the million selling, award-winning Bastille, Little Mix, Calvin Harris & Avicii, with many more to follow.

The first set of Poplings story packs is available now. The game will be normally priced at £2.99 with the initial story pack featuring music from Avicii, Bastille and Little Mix.


The British Museum is literally coming to life thanks to pioneering technology that triggers interactive, augmented reality gaming experiences when looking at real-life objects and environments. Set to change the way we learn and interact in public galleries, this is the first time that augmented reality will be available for use by the general consumer. Technology company Gamar perfectly merges culture and technology with it’s easy to use app and games.

The Gamar app is available through Google Play and i-Tunes for FREE and each game is priced at £2.49.

Leap TV

LeapTV provides the perfect first video game experience for kids that is filled with learning and active play. Key details include:With simple and intuitive user interfaces created with first time players in mind, LeapTV includes a unique transforming gaming controller that has been designed for children’s small hands and limited dexterity. It enables classic gameplay in its standard configuration, but with the simple press of a button it easily transforms into a motion controller and LED pointer controller. The LeapTV system also features a motion-sensing camera that puts a child directly in the game and a unique console design that integrates into the home.

Price: £119.99- Release date: October 2014

One for the Parents...


Postsnap lets you create and send beautiful personalised cards straight from your mobile. The app allows you to send a physical card to your loved-ones using your own photos from your photo library, Instagram, or Facebook, and add your own message in just a few taps. No stamps required!

The Postsnap app allows users to create truly personalised cards, with infinite possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind card to surprise and delight loved ones. The app is packed with optional features including collages, borders, photo effects, written signatures or doodles, and extensive fonts in a range of colours.

The Postsnap mobile app lets you use your own photos and other content to easily create and buy beautiful postcards, announcement cards and greeting cards on the go. Postsnap then prints and posts the cards to virtually anywhere in the world. Postcards cost £1.50 and greeting cards £3.00 including free first class UK postage. Free to download on IOS only and can be sent all over the world.


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