British dads are stuck in a rut with little to no excitement in their lives. Luckily, 85 per cent want to change that and try new experiences with their family.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Incredibly, over a quarter of dads said that they have never done anything out of their comfort zone, meaning that they’ve been playing it safe!

Just under half of dads in the UK said that they wish their lives were more exciting, hoping for changes in their mundane routine.

Groupon UK found that dads will spend most of their spare time watching TV as well as sitting on the sofa – not too thrill seeking!

Over a third said the last time they tried something new was over a year ago and two thirds admitted to never having tried an adrenaline filled experience.

Sadly, a third of dads said they had never been to the theatre and 16 per cent said they had never even been on a weekend away.

The reason for our dads not trying anything new was mostly because they couldn’t think of anything but also because they felt they lacked the confidence needed.

Luckily, 85 per cent of dads want to change that and spend time with their family this weekend trying out new things!

Roy Blanga, Managing Director, Groupon UK, said, “We aim to make new experiences as accessible and affordable as possible – so why not try something new for your dad this year?

“Whether you give him a thrill with something a bit more fast-paced than he’s used to, or get him on a cookery course so he can make his favourite meal, make sure you give him something he wouldn’t normally buy for himself.”

So go on, make Father’s Day really special this year and try something new and exciting as a family!

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