Parenting News: Grandparents Undertake 254 Jobs a Year to Help Mums and Dads

Parenting News: Grandparents Undertake 254 Jobs a Year to Help Mums and Dads

Grandparents are a massive help to parents, and mums and dads across the UK have admitted that their parents are instrumental in helping them bring up their children.

UK parents have admitted that they rely on their parents to help out with many things, from odd jobs around the house to childcare.

Incredibly, as if everything they do isn’t enough, 40 per cent of grandparents will give their children cash hand-outs to tide them over for the month.

However, a quarter of parents admit that they worry about the strain they are putting on their aging parents by asking them to help out so much.

Ali Crossley, Executive Director of McCarthy & Stone, UK's leading developer of retirement apartments who commissioned the research said, “This research shows what a huge part grandparents play in modern families.

“Many parents are juggling the responsibilities of bringing up their young children while holding down jobs and working long hours, so are relying heavily on their own parents to help out.

“Jobs like visiting the bank, keeping on top of the housework and DIY can be hard if you work full-time and if you have retired parents who are in good health it can be invaluable - especially if you are fortunate enough to have two sets on hand.

“But it's important not to dump too much responsibility on parents; very few elderly people would like to say no to helping out their nearest and dearest so their help needs to be appreciated and their goodwill shouldn't be overlooked.”

Nearly 40 per cent of parents said they are worried that their parents are getting too old to run errands or provide childcare.

This is a big worry as 88 per cent of parents say that their parents play an instrumental role in modern family life and it would cost mums and dads of the UK over £6,000 a year in childcare if they didn’t have their parents to help out.

Despite saving so much money, and relying on their parents so much, over half of parents polled admitted to never offering to give their parents some money for their help.

The top reasons for parents relying on grandparents so much are thought to be that women are now going back to work after giving birth, as well as elderly people living much longer and being generally healthier.

Most parents said they make sure their parents know how grateful they are, but 10 per cent admitted that they take their parents for granted.

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