The Duchess of Cambridge will shortly have the world’s press taking pictures of her and her new baby.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Incredibly, Nikon have found that 86 per cent of mums are unhappy with the first photos to be taken of them with their new born.

A massive seven in ten women will have their first pictures with their new born taken within the first three hours of giving birth, with 40 per cent of these being straight after the birth.

Mums will have, on average, 19 photos taken with the baby during the first week after its arrival.

Despite this, it will take 22 per cent of new mums a month to become comfortable in front of camera with their new born.

When it comes to the new dads, they like to get snap happy with the camera to capture all the important first moment.

In fact, for 58 per cent of men, they admitted that even though they knew their life wasn’t comfortable with having pictures taken, they would still get behind the lens.

To combat this, a third of new mums specifically asked all family members not to take pictures of the first few visits to see the baby.

Social media is also a big no no. Over half of mums said that no pictures of the baby were to go on social media without her permission first.

A fifth of family members were asked not to share any pictures they had taken on social media following the first visit.

A further fifth of mums also said that they were happy to have the pictures shared so long as they were the first to post them.

Jeremy Gilbert, spokesperson for Nikon UK, said, “Having a new baby is an important milestone in anyone’s life but it can leave mums feeling tired and unconfident about their body.

“Not having time to prepare and people taking unflattering shots is top of the list of their annoyances when it comes to people taking photos of them with their first born.

“It’s an exciting and important time to capture, but a bit of care and consideration goes a long way with mum – as does a good camera that will do mum and baby justice! These are the pictures that last a lifetime, so it’s crucial to get right.”