Parenting News: New Parents are Leaving Babies Nameless Until Royal Birth

Parenting News: New Parents are Leaving Babies Nameless Until Royal Birth

The entire world is desperate to find out what William and Kate will name their baby once it has been born, but none more desperate than the new parents who have yet to name their babies.

Parents are given six weeks to name their new born and some parents are planning to take full advantage of that in order to see what William and Kate will name the royal baby. found that 42 per cent of new mothers are willing to put off naming their baby until Clarence House announce William and Kate’s choice of name.

The royal baby is due on July 13th and the bookmakers are reporting that Alexandra is the top choice for a girl’s name.

If the baby is to be a boy, then the nation has bet that George will be the name of the royal baby.

One heavily pregnant mum-to-be said, “My husband and I have decided to wait to see what the royal baby is called before naming ours.

“We have thought of quite a few names but we both decided it would be lovely to see what Will and Kate choose first. I love the name Alexandra so if we have a girl then it may well be the most straight forward decision we have to make.”

The list of names for the royal baby is endless, ranging from the traditions Prince James, to the more quirky Princess Waynetta.

Another respondent said, “I’d love for Will and Kate to go away from the ordinary and name their baby something really unique such as Princess Angel or Prince Dolphin.

“I’m sure they will stick to something traditional but it would be so fun and creative for them to surprise everybody with something unexpected.”

One mother-to-be said that naming her baby the same name as William and Kate’s child, she’ll be celebrating the royal birth in her own special way.

She said, “My baby is due before the royal baby, but I already know I definitely want it to have the same name.

“The birth of Will and Kate’s baby is such a monumental event that is going to be remembered forever, just like the royal wedding. Giving my baby the same name is my personal way of celebrating.”

A spokesperson for said, “The birth of the royal baby is hugely exciting; when someone famous has a baby the naming of it can be important to many people. Whatever name the royal couple choose there is no doubt that there will be thousands of babies who will also share the same name.”

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