Parenting News: Over Half of New Fathers Feel Nervous Holding Their Own Baby

Parenting News: Over Half of New Fathers Feel Nervous Holding Their Own Baby

Becoming a parent holds full of emotions, not least being incredibly scary!

New dads seem to be getting the brunt of this as 60 per cent have revealed that they were super nervous about holding their baby for the first time.

A third of new fathers even admitted that they don’t know how to hold the baby for the first time and this might be because a fifth have never held a baby before their own!

When it comes to giving a little one those first cuddles, two thirds of mothers feel that it is a natural instinct that they have from day one.

Fathers, however, are less confident and feel it takes them around a week to feel comfortable holding their baby.

This has led to the majority of fathers not being left alone with their baby for at least one week after the birth.

Luckily, the men will start do bond with their little one and will start to when doing the night time feed, something 80 per cent of men take charge of.

With all of these shocking facts, it is no wonder that 90 per cent of men wish there was more information available to them on how to handle their new born.

In response the research they conducted, Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure have created the Cuddle Mastery Guide.

Michelle Bacon, from Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure, says, “We want fathers to feel supported and excited to cuddle their new-born, which is why we have created the Cuddle Mastery Guide, packed full of tips and examples.”

It’s endorsed by the British Skin Foundation and aims to give new parents advice and tips on how to cuddle and soothe their new born.

Jean Robinson, British Skin Foundation trustee and children's dermatology nurse, says “The quality of early parent-baby relationships influences your baby’s subsequent physical and mental development, so it’s very important to get it right from the beginning. Babies who are given lots of cuddles and love and affection may find stress or anxiety easier to deal with as they grow up.”

They’ve also got ex-rugby player Ben Cohen on board as he knows how difficult it can be to hold a child for the first time.

He says, “As a father to twin daughters, I know it can be intimidating when you first meet your little one, but spending that quality time with them learning how to cuddle and reading up beforehand really helps to increase your confidence.”

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