Going to school for the first time can be an ordeal for a child but it seems that mums fear the perssure of the first day of school too.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

A new survey has revealed that most mums find it hard to be themselves at the school gate with a staggering 90% of mums admitting to putting their own feelings and opinions aside for the sake of their child at school.

The survey, carried out to mark the publication of The School Gate Survival Guide by Kerry Fisher, has found that over 40% of mums felt they were going back to school themselves when their child first started school.

Perhaps with good reason as 85% of mums feel that other parents judge them or make assumptions about them for how they speak or look at the school gate.

This has led to nearly 50% of mums being snubbed by another mum at the school gate.

For many, going back to school as a mum is as bad as being there the first time round with 70% admitting to feeling nervous about making new friends amongst the other parents at the school gate.

Nearly 80% said that the issue of cliques and popular mums amongst the parents still exist just like when they were in the playground. Many mums admitted to feeling the pressure to keep up or be involved with other parents at school. Mums even make friends with parent’s who they didn’t like in order to help their child fit in.

Author Kerry Fisher has always been fascinated by linguistics and how our perceptions of people can change due to the way we speak.

Kerry commented: 'The school gate always fascinated me when my children were younger as it is such a melting pot of emotions. Trying to fit in, even when you’re well past the age of playground politics, can be such a challenge. It’s human nature to want to be part of the popular crowd with the added complication of wanting your child to be liked as well. I decided to write a book about the trials and tribulations of wanting to belong, even if you’re a complete outsider.'


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