Now more than ever, there are more choices for infants when it comes to dressing up. Rather than sticking to the old fashioned stereotypes of the last century, more parents are stepping away from the expected pink for girls and blue for boys. Here are some reasons why:

White is the new pink and blue!

White is the new pink and blue!

If it's good enough for North West and Blue Ivy, then it's good enough for your baby

With celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce dressing their daughters in androgynous ensembles, more parents have stepped away from overly feminine outfits. As North 'isn't that girly' Kim prefers her to wear gender-neutral colours, saying 'I like a neutral palette for her and with Kanye the same'.

Most parents like to dress their daughters in blue

A survey from the subscription service Box Upon a Time revealed that 82% of parents preferred to see their daughters under the age of three in blue clothes rather than pink. This follows the trend of masculine baby names for girls like Wyatt and James, signalling the death of the pink tutu.

The days of reinforcing the gender stereotype is over

A way of stopping our children from being too aware of their gender is avoiding what is expected of boys and girls. By choosing an independent stance, you can later give your child the freedom to choose, allowing them to develop their own identity instead of having the choice made for them.

Real boys wear pink

Despite many retailers still opting for blue as a safe option, the survey from Box Upon a time also found that 47% of parents liked pink clothing on boys. Bucking the stigma of wearing a 'feminine' colour shows how far things have come.

Gender Neutral Baby Showers are now a thing

This even extends to baby showers, where the gender of the baby isn't always known before the birth. Helen Flanagan neatly sidestepped this issue last month with a yellow themed baby shower as she wanted to keep the sex of her child a secret. Specialists such as Babyblooms cater to anyone looking for a gender neutral gift to surprise any mother-to-be.

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